Loyalty Programs – Study of customer relationship

Loyalty program is a modern medialized marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue shopping sometimes beyond logic. In the format of global capitalism, such programs cover most types of trading, each of which has different functions and reward schemes. The study of loyalty programs provides material for understanding customer relationship systems, and the structures of a modern converged consumer and information society.

MGM Rewards Loyalty Program

26 February 2024

Dive into the MGM Rewards Loyalty Program and discover how each tier from Sapphire to NOIR unlocks exclusive benefits and privileges. Learn how to earn points, climb tiers, and enjoy enhanced experiences at MGM Resorts worldwide.

FreeTaxUSA vs TurboTax: Analyzing the User Experience

26 February 2024

Discover the key differences between TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA with our comprehensive 2024 comparison. Learn about user interface, cost, support, and more to make an informed decision for your tax preparation needs.

Free Tax Filing with TurboTax in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

26 February 2024

Discover the impactful changes to TurboTax in 2024 following FTC scrutiny over "free" filing claims, and understand what these developments mean for users seeking transparent and fair tax preparation services.

Ascending the Ranks: Unveiling Fortnite's 2024 Ranked Rewards System

21 February 2024

Dive into the competitive world of Fortnite with our comprehensive guide to the 2024 Ranked Rewards system. Learn how to ascend the ranks, earn exclusive rewards, and master the battlefield in Fortnite's dynamic competitive mode.

Cupid's Cuties Rewards: An Analytical Review by John C. Smith

15 February 2024

In the evolving landscape of digital board games, events like Cupid's Cuties play a pivotal role in shaping player engagement and loyalty. As such, they offer invaluable insights for developers aiming to craft memorable and rewarding experiences that resonate across their diverse player base.

Mastering Monopoly GO Rewards: Strategies and the User Journey

15 February 2024

Here's a comprehensive look at Monopoly Go Rewards and how you can leverage these benefits to enhance your Monopoly experience.

Kith Loyalty Program

11 February 2024

Explore our in-depth analysis of the Kith Loyalty Program, covering program accessibility, user experience, rewards, and more. Discover the strengths, areas for improvement, and our expert recommendations for both consumers and program managers.

Joining the Kith Loyalty Program: How to Register at Kith App?

11 February 2024

The Kith Loyalty Program opens its doors to all customers, requiring only an account on the Kith App for participation.

Decoding Customer Sentiments: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Iceland Bonus Card Loyalty Program Feedback

10 February 2024

Analyzing the customer feedback on the Iceland Bonus Card loyalty program, I've uncovered a complex overview of user experience, system functionality, and the responsiveness of customer support.

GLPA's Balanced Audit Report on Tesco Clubcard: Unveiling Strengths and Addressing Potential Shortcomings

9 February 2024

My four-month engagement with Tesco's Clubcard loyalty program has been enlightening. It's a well-rounded program that excels in accessibility, rewards, customer service, and innovation.