Loyalty Programs – Study of customer relationship

Loyalty program is a modern medialized marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue shopping sometimes beyond logic. In the format of global capitalism, such programs cover most types of trading, each of which has different functions and reward schemes. The study of loyalty programs provides material for understanding customer relationship systems, and the structures of a modern converged consumer and information society.

Marks & Spencer Loyalty program

27 September 2022

Sparks is M&S’s customer reward scheme, which gives the chance to receive some treats to customer. The main feature of the M&S loyalty program is the opportunity to make a donation to chosen Sparks charity while shopping.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards?

23 September 2022

Recently, gift certificates are gaining in popularity. The famous American online store Amazon also offers Amazon Gift Card, which you can buy as a gift, as well as for yourself.

myWaitrose Loyalty scheme

21 September 2022

myWaitrose membership allows you to save money on purchases of certain items. All members of the scheme must be residents of England, Scotland, Wales or the Channel Islands

How to register in the myWaitrose loyalty program?

21 September 2022

myWaitrose loyalty program is a customer loyalty program of Waitrose & Partners. Like many other programs, myWaitrose requires registration and transfer of rights to process your personal data.

Blue Light Card Supermarkets

1 September 2022

The Blue Light Card is a discount system for health and life safety employees. The discount is available in many UK stores and supermarkets online and offline.

Can you use Blue Light Card at ASDA?

31 August 2022

People that work in the NHS, Emergency Services, Social Services, Social care sector and armed forces are all eligible for the Blue Light Card. The card, which gives a 10% discount in all Asda stores, is available to UK residents

Blue Light Card discount program

31 August 2022

Blue Light Card is the discount service for the emergency services, NHS (National Health Service), social care sector and armed forces. BLC (Blue Light Card) is a personalized discount card, which provides its holder with a benefit when purchasing goods in stores participating in this loyalty program.

What is a loyalty card?

27 August 2022

A loyalty program is usual system of rewarding customers, usually tied to a plastic card. There is a point of view that loyalty programs exploit customers more than they provide benefits. Is this true? Let's try to find out.

ALDI Loyalty  program (ALDI Christmas Savings)

25 August 2022

ALDI (abbreviation for Albrecht Diskont). The Aldi group operates over 10,000 stores worldwide. In order to keep up with the worldwide trend of working with customers, ALDI introduces in some of its locations some semblance of a loyalty program. For example, in the Republic of Ireland there is the ALDI Christmas Savings program.

Which retailers give NHS discount?

12 August 2022

The NHS discount is a modern rewards system for all healthcare workers. It is an opportunity to save on everyday purchases with a huge range of NHS discounts, bargains and vouchers from a huge list of retailers and stores.