Loyalty Programs – Study of customer relationship

myLidl Loyalty program


Lidl Customer Rewards Program allows you to receive rewards for your purchases. You need to register for the program, install the app and shop at Lidl, presenting the app at the checkout every time.

Shell Bonus Сard


Shell Hong Kong Limited is one of the world’s leading energy companies. Shell Hong Kong offers special loyalty program with respect for people in every aspect of fuel operation.

H&M Loyalty program


The loyalty program from the Swedish clothing retailer H&M runs directly in the H&M app on smartphone or on hm.com. It is an all-digital loyalty program where member will get points on all shopping, both in store and online. The program allows member to accumulate points for purchases, receive bonuses and exclusive offers.

How to get flybuys card?


Flybuys card is available as plastic and digital. The digital card can be issued in the mobile app and activated online. There is also a bank card - Coles and Citi have credit cards that let you collect Flybuys points. With a Coles credit card, you'll earn points for each $1 you spend on eligible purchases, with the following earn rates.

flybuys loyalty program


Flybuys is one of Australia's largest loyalty programs, launched in 1994 as a joint venture of Shell, Coles Myer and National Australia Bank. The essence of this loyalty program is that participants earn points making purchases. Points can be redeemed later for rewards.

How to get a Tesco Clubcard?


Tesco Clubcard is a part of free Tesco's loyalty program with reduced prices. Clubcard allows you to save money and receive vouchers when purchasing Tesco products.

How to get a Tesco Clubcard Plus?


Clubcard Plus is a new monthly subscription from Tesco stores starting in November 2019. Clubcard Plus benefits available only to Clubcard members. It's easy to get a Tesco Clubcard Plus via Clubcard app, via phone, via web page.

Tesco Loyalty program


Tesco Clubcard holders receive points based on the amount spent. Points can be changed for the Tesco special vouchers. Customers receive one point for every £1 spent at Tesco supermarkets. Vouchers can be spent on a variety of purchases.

Loyalty program: From Nudge to Big Nudging


Loyalty program as a strategy to keep clients in a hyper-competitive environment is part of nudge theory. Nudge theory, or libertarian paternalism, was proposed as a new kind of economic policy in 2008 by economist Richard Thaler in collaboration with legal scholar Cass Sunstein. But now individuals making choices they would not otherwise have made, such as buying some overpriced or unnecessary goods. In other words, Nudge turns into Big Nudging.

VIPeak: The North Face Loyalty program


The North Face Loyalty Program Reward is a special coupon issued to receive discounts on purchases at The North Face stores and on the official website www.thenorthface.com. These rewards are denoted by special conventional units - Peak Points. According to the terms and conditions of the Program, a Member can exchange Rewards for company products or pay part of a purchase.