Exploring Loyalty Programs: Insights and Impact on Consumer Behavior

Loyalty Programs Project is a research initiative fueled by a passion for scientific inquiry. We gather and analyze data on widespread loyalty programs, exploring their development and their influence on consumer behavior. This endeavor aims to illuminate how these programs adapt and shape shopping habits over time. Selected findings and analyses are shared on our website for public access.

Visit us at: https://loyalty-programs.com.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to empower consumers with knowledge, enabling them to make more informed purchasing decisions. Loyalty Programs Project was established with the vision of guiding consumers towards more mindful and economical shopping practices.

We delve into various aspects of loyalty programs, including:

  • Rewards
  • Bonus cards
  • Ecosystems
  • Personal data security

A New Direction: The Expert Auditors Initiative

Expanding our mission, we've recently embarked on a new project phase involving a team of expert auditors who visit retail networks to evaluate the practical implementation of loyalty programs we've studied. This volunteer team, composed of eight dedicated individuals from diverse nationalities, brings a broad range of expertise to assess these programs thoroughly. Their work is crucial in verifying the real-world effectiveness and impact of loyalty programs, contributing valuable insights for our research and publications.

Meet Our Team


I am Georgetta F. Palsen, the chief editor of the Loyalty Programs Project. Under my guidance, our team is committed to providing comprehensive and actionable information on loyalty programs. Together, we strive to enhance the value these programs offer to both consumers and businesses.

Global Loyalty Program Auditors (GLPA)

Introducing the Global Loyalty Program Auditors (GLPA), a diverse and dedicated team of eight volunteers from different countries, united by a common goal: to assess and improve the effectiveness of loyalty programs worldwide. Each member brings unique insights from their cultural background and professional expertise, making GLPA a formidable force in the field of consumer advocacy.

Team Members:

  1. Maria Boroff (Spain) - A marketing expert with a keen eye for user experience.
  2. John C. Smith (USA) - A data analyst passionate about consumer trends and behaviors.
  3. Aarav Patel (India) - A retail industry professional with extensive knowledge of customer service standards.
  4. Hana Kim (USA) - A digital innovation specialist focused on mobile and app-based loyalty solutions.
  5. Amira Nasser (Malta) - A sociology researcher studying the social impact of consumer programs.
  6. Lucas Schneider (Germany) - A project manager experienced in process optimization and efficiency.
  7. Chloe Martin (UK) - A communications expert with a focus on customer feedback and engagement strategies.
  8. Mary Nakamura (UK) - A technology consultant specializing in secure and user-friendly digital payment systems.

Get Involved

Are you interested in contributing to our project? Whether you have an idea for an insightful article or report, or wish to share your personal experience with a loyalty program, we're open to your suggestions and contributions. Let us know what you're thinking, and become part of our collaborative effort.

We are continuously looking for passionate individuals who share our commitment to making loyalty programs more beneficial for consumers around the globe. If you have a keen interest in consumer rights, a background in research, marketing, technology, or simply a desire to contribute to a project with global impact, we invite you to join us. Your participation could help shape the future of loyalty programs, ensuring they serve the best interests of consumers everywhere. Get involved with GLPA today and be part of a movement that champions transparency, fairness, and value for consumers in the loyalty program arena.

By engaging with our project, you join a community dedicated to improving the shopping experience through better understanding and utilization of loyalty programs. Your participation and feedback are invaluable to us as we continue to explore and innovate in this dynamic field.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you. Contact us.