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Type of Loyalty program: healthcare (Health Service Discounts). Blue Light Card is the discount service for the emergency services, NHS (National Health Service), social care sector and armed forces, providing members with discounts online and in-store.


Type of purchasing: online, offline (from large number of national retailers to local businesses across plenty of categories). Membership in the Blue Light Card program gives you access to exclusive offers at major national retailers and small independent stores, many of which are not available to the general public. This program offers discounts on insurance, travel and communication services.


Used by: Network Digital Marketing Ltd.

Model of Loyalty program: discounts. Today, the Blue Light Card program is the largest provider of online and in-store discounts for those working in the NHS, emergency services, welfare sector and the military.

Type of medium: card, profile

Rewards schemes: discount

Additional perks:  Blue Light Tickets ( Blue Light Tickets as a supplemental rewards system was first introduced in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a special thank you to frontline health care workers. Later, all Blue Light Card holders had access to this new perk.


Type of membership: £4.99 for two-year membership (only for certain professions and positions; a complete list of all services can be found at:

If you lose your card, you will need to pay another £4.99 for the replacement.

Type of card: BLC card (Blue Light Card)


Program validity period: Blue Light Card gives two-year membership to the discount service.

Tiers: no

Mobile version: yes

Apps: Blue Light Card app.


Apple App Store: link to download Blue Light Card app from AppStore
Google Play: link to download Blue Light Card app from Google Play

The Blue Light Card app is designed to make it easy and convenient for all Blue Light Card discount members to find deals. The Blue Light Card app allows you to find discounts and save money every time you shop.


Benefits of the Blue Light Card app

  • easy to find discounts right from the home screen
  • exclusive updates and interesting offers
  • virtual Blue Light Card
  • all the search functions in one screen.
  • new option "Search by Phrase", "Companies",
  • alphabetically ordered list with a quick filter
  • Favorites

Country (region):
United Kingdom


Description of BLC program:


Full term and condition:

What is a BLC card?

BLC (Blue Light Card) is a personalized discount card, which provides its holder with a benefit when purchasing goods in stores participating in this loyalty program. Please note that the card is personalized and cannot be transferred to another person to make a purchase, so the BLC should be shown at the point of payment along with your ID card.

Which stores accept the BLC (Blue Light Card)?

To view the main BLC (Blue Light Card) offers, visit A catalog of offers is located in the panel at the top of the page after logging in. You can also search for "High Street" offers by clicking on "High Street Offers". The Web site provides a search service for all available offers, as well as by company name and retailers. You can search by company, by category, or by phrase.

You can use Blue Light Card in Argos, Asda, Iceland, Superdrug and many other companies, include Cineworld, Domino's, Halfords, Hotpoint, JD, Lovehoney, Odeon, Alton Towers, EE, Go Outdoors, Haven, Myprotein, Ray-Ban, Charlotte Tilbury,, Samsung, Starbucks, Apple, Superdry and Boohoo.

How to get Blue Light Card discount?

To receive the Blue Light Card discount, you must be a paid staff member of one of the security services, and have the appropriate paid position. Members must be aged 16+ to qualify. To receive the discount you must provide a form of ID that shows name, employer, job role and date (within the last 3 months). See list below.

  • NHS - ID Required: ID card or Payslip. (about NHS National Health Service discount program you can read here; see also Which retailers give NHS discount, web-page)
  • Police Service - ID Required: Payslip.
  • Ambulance Service - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • Fire Service - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • HM Prison Service/HMPPS - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • NHS Dental Practice - ID Required: Payslip.
  • HM Armed Forces - ID Required: Payslip.
  • MoD Civil Servant - ID Required: Payslip.
  • MoD Fire Service - ID Required: Payslip.
  • MoD Police - ID Required: Payslip.
  • Highway Traffic Officers - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • Home Office - Border Force - ID Required: Payslip.
  • Home Office - Immigration Enforcement - ID Required: Payslip.
  • Home Office - UK Visas and Immigration - ID Required: Payslip.
  • Social Care - Care Company Workforce - Company must be on either the CQC, RQIA, Care Inspectorate Scotland or Care Inspectorate Wales to be eligible.ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • Social Care - Social Worker - ID Required: ID card, Payslip or SWE/SCW/SSSC/NISCC number.
  • Social Care - Care Home - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • Social Care - Residential Care - ID Required: ID card or Payslip.
  • Social Care - Council (Working in Care Sector) - ID Required: ID card or Payslip (if these do not state job role, please include a contract alongside).
  • Social Care - Foster Carer - ID Required: ID card.
  • Pharmacy Workers - ID Required: ID card or Payslip

If your position is on the list, but you recently retired, your Blue Light Card will remain active until it expires. Please note that if you are not in one of the eligible categories when your card expires, you will not be able to renew your Blue Light Card.

How to register Blue Light Card?

In order to sign up for the Blue Light Card program, you must purchase a card. It costs £4.99. The Blue Light Card can be purchased:

  • When registering for an account online.
  • When applying in the "My Card" section after logging in.

To register you will need:

  • ID or recent payslip showing your eligibility

The registration process itself involves checking your personal data and the job information you provide. Therefore, it may take between 10-14 days to review your application.
The registration form can be found here



You must provide the following information to register:

  • Name
  • County
  • Employer information, including division (if applicable) and position.
  • Email address
  • Password

If your information is suitable, your registration will be accepted for consideration. This may take up to two weeks. If you would like a physical card sent to you, you will need to fill in a mailing address field.

Then all that remains is to wait for the BLC to confirm that you are eligible to join the program.


Blue Light Discounted gift cards

While many deals allow you to show your physical or virtual card when shopping in a store, a lot of retailers offer discount gift cards instead.

There is a range of high street brands where you can get discounted gift cards such as Argos, B&Q, Currys, IKEA, Just Eat, M&S, Primark, Tesco and more.


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What is the Blue Light Card contact number?

No, there is no phone number. Surprisingly, the Blue Light Card program does not offer any contact phone number. This is quite a serious problem, because the support service responds to emails with a big delay. Judging by the feedback from users, sometimes you have to wait for weeks for an answer. This is very uncomfortable.

The support service on social networks is more responsive. If you have an urgent question, use private messages on social networks.

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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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