Can you use Blue Light Card at ASDA?

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The ASDA supermarket chain has re-entered the Blue Light Card discount program in Spring 2022. Blue Light Card holders receive a 10% discount. ASDA Supermarket is introducing this offer due to recent increased health risks, as well as a general rise in the cost of living.


According to Blue Light Card General Manager Tom Dalby, BLC is very proud to partner with ASDA. "As the cost of living increases," said Mr. Dalby, "my hope is that this exclusive 10% discount will help families and individuals throughout the UK buy everything from great groceries to new school clothes".

What is Blue Light Card?


As a reminder, the Blue Light Card is a discount program for health and emergency care workers, NHS employees (NHS is an acronym for National Health Service. By the way, we have already written about the NHS discount program; see also webpage Which retailers give NHS discounts), social service and military personnel, and other front line life safety workers. We have described the details of this program on a separate web page, Blue Light Card discounts.

Blue Light Card ASDA discount

The British supermarket chain ASDA is very popular for its wide range of products and pleasant prices. We wrote about ASDA Rewards loyalty program and ASDA Christmas Savings in detail on a separate page.  In general, it is worth noting that ASDA is trying to keep up with the times and attract customers with modern ways of rewarding. That's why the ASDA supermarket chain is taking a step toward NHS employees and other front-line life-safety workers.

Please note that the ASDA Blue Light Card Discount is valid in-store only.

Blue Light Card ASDA discount - 10% discount across Asda stores including George and Optical.

How do I get an ASDA Blue Light Card discount?

To receive the discount, you must be a registered Blue Light Card user. How to register and get the Blue Light Card is described here.

Blue Light Card holders can receive a 10% discount by presenting the card at the cash register in Asda stores during the purchase. A valid Blue Light Card ID must be presented to claim the discount. Since the BLC card is personal, it cannot be passed on to third parties to receive the discount, not even to relatives. Remember: It cannot be passed to a friend or family member or any other person.

Please note that the discount is not valid on a number of discounted items, on alcohol and tobacco products, and on gift cards.

Discount is not valid on, Asda Online Groceries, Asda Tyres, Fuel, all alcohol, Tobacco, Lottery products, Gift Vouchers & Cards, Infant/Formula Milk, Cash-back, Fireworks, Online Games & Instant Tickets, Photo Printing, Saver Stamps, Postage Stamps, 'Top-Up' Mobile Phone Cards, any other online Financial Services and Insurances, Pharmacy & separate concessions.

It is not valid in an Asda Petrol Filling Station, Asda On The Move & Asda Cafes.


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