Catalogued database of Loyalty programs

Shell Bonus Сard


Shell Hong Kong Limited is one of the world’s leading energy companies. Shell Hong Kong offers special loyalty program with respect for people in every aspect of fuel operation.

H&M Loyalty program


The loyalty program from the Swedish clothing retailer H&M runs directly in the H&M app on smartphone or on It is an all-digital loyalty program where member will get points on all shopping, both in store and online. The program allows member to accumulate points for purchases, receive bonuses and exclusive offers.

flybuys loyalty program


Flybuys is one of Australia's largest loyalty programs, launched in 1994 as a joint venture of Shell, Coles Myer and National Australia Bank. The essence of this loyalty program is that participants earn points making purchases. Points can be redeemed later for rewards.

Tesco Loyalty program


Tesco Clubcard holders receive points based on the amount spent. Points can be changed for the Tesco special vouchers. Customers receive one point for every £1 spent at Tesco supermarkets. Vouchers can be spent on a variety of purchases.

VIPeak: The North Face Loyalty program


The North Face Loyalty Program Reward is a special coupon issued to receive discounts on purchases at The North Face stores and on the official website These rewards are denoted by special conventional units - Peak Points. According to the terms and conditions of the Program, a Member can exchange Rewards for company products or pay part of a purchase.

Sephora Loyalty program


Sephora is a prestige omni-retail network of perfume and cosmetics stores. Beauty Insider members can redeem their rewards points for things like gift cards and discounts, helping to offset purchase prices without devaluing the products. Loyalty members can also redeem points for more exclusive things like limited edition products or in-store beauty tutorials.

Starbucks Loyalty program


Starbucks has a bonus loyalty program, which was created as a sign of gratitude and further encouragement of regular customers for their purchases. Starbucks Rewards members are able to earn and accumulate "Stars" that can be redeemed for Starbucks Rewards benefits at participating Starbucks stores and are eligible to receive certain additional benefits.

SPAR Loyalty program


SPAR International is the association of wholesalers and retailers (mainly European countries, but also South Africa, Australia, Argentina). In all SPAR’s formats (SPAR, EUROSPAR and SPAR-express) there is a customer loyalty policy. In different countries, these are different programs, but the essence the same – clear rewards schemes for purchases, based on Membership card.

Coop Loyalty program


Coop is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies with around 2.5 million members. Coop loyalty program is arranged as follows: when buying selected goods and services, 5% of the amount spent is credited to the buyer's account. Each Coop member has its own Coop membership account.

Shell Clubsmart Loyalty program


The global Shell concern has launched its own Shell CLUBSMART loyalty program, aimed at attracting attention from customers. This loyalty program has been successfully operating in 21 countries of the world and unites millions of participants. Regular customers of the company are invited to become participants in a specially designed loyalty program. According to the terms of this program, a buyer of Shell fuel receives a discount card that allows them to use discounts, as well as to accumulate bonuses and exchange them for company prizes.