Chloe Martin


Chloe Martin (UK) - A communications expert with a focus on customer feedback and engagement strategies.

Hello, fellow LOYALTY PROGRAMS readers! I'm Chloe Martin from the UK, a communications expert deeply passionate about fostering meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. As a volunteer at the Global Loyalty Program Auditors (GLPA), I dedicate myself to enhancing customer feedback and engagement strategies within loyalty programs across the board.

As someone who thrives on connection and dialogue, I bring my love for communication into every aspect of my work and personal life. Being a single mother to an incredible son, I'm driven by the desire to make the world a better place for him and future generations. This motivation extends to my professional focus, where I aim to ensure that loyalty programs not only reward customers but also cultivate positive social impacts and genuine brand loyalty.

Together, let's explore how we can make loyalty programs more engaging, rewarding, and socially responsible. Thank you for being part of this journey towards creating a more connected and thoughtful world.

If you have interesting ideas on how to improve the relationship between the customer and the retail network - feel free to write to me! E-mail: