Christmas Food Shopping in Iceland

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Iceland offers a fuss-free and value-added Christmas shopping experience for its customers. Iceland's extensive selection of festive products includes everything you need for your Christmas feast.


Christmas Food Shopping in Iceland

One of the key benefits of shopping at Iceland is the convenience of their online grocery delivery service. This service is especially useful for those hosting Christmas parties or looking to stock up on festive treats. Iceland's online platform offers a range of traditional Christmas products such as meats, side dishes, Christmas pudding and mince pies that can be delivered to your home. This convenient service eliminates the need to run to the supermarket at the last minute and lug heavy bags of groceries.

In addition, Iceland's delivery options are flexible, allowing shoppers to schedule delivery at a time that's convenient for them, making shopping even easier. Whether you're planning a large family gathering or just want to make sure you have enough vacation treats for the vacations, Iceland's Christmas grocery shopping service is an efficient and hassle-free solution.

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Special foods in Iceland for Christmas


Iceland supermarkets often offer a range of special foods for Christmas that cater to traditional tastes and contemporary preferences. Their holiday selection typically includes:

  1. Party Food: A variety of finger foods, snacks, and appetizers, including both traditional and innovative options perfect for Christmas and Boxing Day gatherings.
  2. Meat: Seasonal offerings usually include turkey, ham, and other meats that are staples for a Christmas feast.
  3. Desserts: Festive desserts such as Christmas pudding, mince pies, and an assortment of cakes and pastries.
  4. Vegetables: Seasonal vegetables for side dishes, sometimes pre-prepared with seasonings and butters for convenience.
  5. Seafood: Prawn rings, lobster tails, and smoked salmon, which are popular for Christmas celebrations.
  6. Exclusive Brands: Special selections from brands like Greggs and TGI Fridays, offering unique items for the holiday season.

These products are typically available during the festive season and are designed to make holiday meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.


Win £50 with Every Find: Iceland's Elf on the Food Shelf Christmas Promotion

A festive promotion called "Elf on the Food Shelf". The essence of this Christmas promotion is to find an image of a Christmas elf hidden on a grocery shelf. Finding it entitles you to a prize of £50 to spend on your next purchase. The promotion states that there will be 70 winners in total. Each item found counts as one entry into the competition, as indicated by the phrase "ONE ITEM ONE ENTRY".


Name of the promotion: ELF ON THE FOODShelf

Purpose:As part of the promotion, shoppers must find any one of 10 hidden elves.

Reward:Successful entrants will have the chance to win £50 which can be used towards their next in-store purchase.

Number of winners: There are 70 winners in the promotion, increasing the chances of entrants winning.

Method of entry:Every hidden elf item found by a shopper equates to one entry into the competition. This means that the more items a buyer finds, the more entries he can get, thus increasing his chances of winning.

Terms and Conditions:The promotion is governed by terms and conditions, which are available in-store or on the retailer's official website. These state the duration of the promotion, the eligibility criteria, how and when the winners will be determined, and any restrictions or instructions on how to use the £50.

The promotion uses festive imagery, such as an elf and Christmas decorations, to create a holiday themed game that not only attracts shoppers but also potentially increases traffic to the store or website by encouraging customers to browse and buy products in search of elves. A marketing campaign like this is designed to increase shopper interest during one of the busiest times of the year.

To participate in the campaign, one must be a registered user of Iceland's loyalty program. Shoppers can sign up for a digital rewards card online or through the app, or take a physical rewards card in-store and register it online, receiving the same benefits on both platforms.

In summary, Iceland's Christmas shopping service offers a comprehensive, convenient and enjoyable solution for purchasing food and beverages for the holidays, ensuring a memorable and stress-free festive season for all.

Do you need a registered Iceland Bonus Card in to participate in Christmas Food Shopping?

You can take part in Iceland's Christmas shopping without a registered bonus card. However, having a bonus card can give you additional benefits: you can get access to discounts and exclusive offers (read more about Iceland Loyalty Programm, Iceland Bonus Cards: Registration and Benefits).

But without a registered Iceland account, you can't participate in Christmas shopping. You need to have access to online ordering and delivery of Christmas treats and goods. This can be done through the official website or through the Iceland app.


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