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For years, the Coop retail chain has been developing its Membership Rewards App (Provider Co-operative Group Limited) to maximize the benefits of its loyalty program. But the main feature of the app is easy access to Coop member activities, such as helping the local community and charity. In this article, we look at all the features and benefits of the app ( app), describing how to earn rewards and support local causes, and how to use your membership card through the app.

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Co-op Membership Rewards App

The Co-op Membership Rewards App is a tool for managing your personal Co-op membership account from your smartphone. All of the benefits of the Co-op loyalty scheme have been successfully transferred to the mobile version, and several new benefits have been added.

The Coop Loyalty Program differs from many other customer loyalty schemes in that it involves charity and the opportunity to exercise active citizenship. There are a few articles on our website about the specifics of the Coop scheme:

For the complete rules of the Coop rewards program, see Co-op app T&Cs:

Provider Co-operative Group Limited.

App is free.

Co-op: Membership Rewards


Membership Rewards app features:

  • Digital Loyalty Card
  • Ability to apply for membership (we wrote about it in detail here)
  • Ability to earn rewards
  • Manage your account
  • Choose and activate weekly rewards
  • Do charity work
  • Participate in Co-op cases (vote and choose which cases you want to help)
  • Get exclusive offers for members.
  • Apple Wallet
  • New recipes
  • Order groceries for pickup
  • Grocery delivery
  • Choice of view modes (dark and light)

If this is your first time signing up for the app, you'll get a small gift – a £1 discount on your first order.

How Co-op Membership App Works

Membership in a Co-op allows you to support social projects. And being a member of the Co-op, you independently choose the direction of social activity that you want to support. Social initiatives are selected by a vote of Co-op members.

The cost of membership is £1.

How do you accumulate money for charity?

When you use your Co-op card in the app to buy select Co-op-branded food, goods and services, you get 2 pence of every pound spent, and another 2 pence is donated to community causes. The amount is accumulated and allocated by voting to support local communities across the UK.

What does membership in a cooperative provide

As a Co-op member, you can use the app to get comprehensive information about all charities in your area. For each organization, there is accompanying information about the community work you do.

You can also find out at any time how much money has been raised to date and how much you have contributed to the cause.

In the app, you can read about all the ways you can be active in your community through Coop resources, such as joining a group or volunteering.

You may also be entitled to receive dividends, if after reinvesting there is still a profit to be made. Warning. Dividends are not available at independent societies (Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star). or at non-Cop brand stores (such as Nisa or Costcutter).

How to download the Coop Membership Rewards app at app

In order to download and install the Co-op Membership Rewards app you need to open the app. It contains links to the platforms that match your smartphone software.

Coop Membership Rewards app AppStore

Coop Membership Rewards app GooglePlay link

The app is constantly being updated. If you have any questions about the app – write to support.

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