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Type of Loyalty program: supermarket, pharmacy, bank, health goods, other


Type of purchasing: offline, online

Used by: Coop. It is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies with around 2.5 million members. Coop stores are present in Europe - Germany, Italy, France, UK. It is structured in the form of a cooperative society and based on  Ethical Consumerism. The Coop Group has various sales formats including 5 businesses that make up the Co-op Group: Food, Funeralcare, Insurance, Electrical, Legal Services.

Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes. The Coop Supercard earns points on purchases at Coop and a variety of other associated stores. Customer can get personalized offers with Co-op Membership.

Type of medium: card, profile (reward account).

Rewards schemes: rewards. That could be up to £1 back for every £20 customer spends on Co-op branded food.

Additional perks: Co-op Legal Services. The Co-operative Bank. Co-op Funeralcare (funerals, pre-paid Funeral Plans, memorial masonry)

Type of membership: for a fee. To become a Co-op Member you have to pay £1. Anyone who shares Coop rules is welcome to join.

Type of card: Membership card. It is a barcode card.


Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: points

Tiers: no

Mobile version: yes  

Apps: Co-op app. It can help to immediately sign into your online membership account, browse weekly personalised offers, see your member rewards balance to keep track of what you’ve earned. Information: Size 6.9M Requires Android 5.0 and up. For free.


Country (region): Switzerland, Italy, England, France, Germany

Language: English, German, French, Italian.


Description of Loyalty program:


Coop Loyalty Program

Coop loyalty program is arranged as follows: when buying selected goods and services, 5% of the amount spent is credited to the buyer's account. Each Coop member has its own Coop membership account.
The accumulated points can be spent not only on the products of the Coop, but also on most of the things that you buy from our partner members.
Co-op loyalty program, allows you to use special offers to save on food purchases every week. Thanks to the developed partner network, the program member gets exclusive prices and discounts from other companies participating in the Coop. The Coop customer loyalty program includes a very wide range of products and services for all occasions, including pet, car, home and travel insurance, funeral services, and legal services.

Co-op Charity

An important distinction of Co-op loyalty program is its participation in charity programs.
A large cooperative payment is established under the Co-op loyalty program. This means that each member of the Co-op who makes purchases in the Co-op chain of stores transfers 1% of the amount spent to support local charity centres.  The funds are redirected through the Co-op Community Foundation. A cooperative member can choose the charity centre they wish to support through their contributions. This significant activity to support social structures helps thousands of organizations annually. For example, in 2019, thanks to Co-op members, around £18 million was donated to charity.

Media representation:


Co-op Membership Award

Membership fee is 5% of their value for certain purchases. This can be as much as £1 for every £20 spent on Co-op branded food. The funds are credited to the Co-op remuneration account. You can spend the money you receive at any time. To spend the money you earn on your Co-op meal, you must show your card or provide your membership number when you purchase. You can spend the reward:

  • For any products from Co-op grocery stores.
  • Funerals and funeral objects
  • fixed price family services (pre-nuptial, co-habitation and separation agreements)
  • litigation family services
  • probate and estate administration services
  • conveyancing
  • personal injury

Important! In order to spend the rewards you have to register your card. This means that a temporary card bought at the shop for £1 must be activated. It must be registered within 12 weeks of the first use of temporary card or temporary card will expire.


How do I earn Co-op rewards?

A member earns 5% when they buy most branded goods from Co-op shops. In addition to everyday shopping, customer can earn rewards for a range of legal services:

  • the will,
  • long-term power of attorney
  • selected family services at a fixed price from Co-op Legal Services.

Important! No reward will be charged:

  • gift cards and vouchers,
  • stamps
  • delivery of printed materials and press
  • phone cards
  • lottery tickets
  • fuel
  • food for babies (baby milk)
  • savings schemes
  • trade concessions
  • PayPoint
  • cigarettes and tobacco
  • customs clearance items (orange stickers)
  • bags and packaging for carrying
  • goods purchased in temporary or pop-up stores

Rewards are also not earned when you make purchases at some partner companies. But the buyer still receives special offers in this case:

  • exclusive prices for cooperative cars, home and travel insurance.
  • at least £100 with full service funeral and funeral plans, or £50 with cremation without ceremony.
  • at least £100 for estate and estate management from cooperative legal services.


  • Supercard credit and prepaid card.  Coop Member can pay conveniently without cash at Coop and in over 200 countries. Whether as Visa, Mastercard or Visa prepaid card - customer receives all cards without an annual fee. Each time customer uses them; valuable super points will be received. Until 31.12.2020, there is a welcome bonus of 3,000 points for every newly issued card. More info


  • Coop Mobile. Swisscom has been operating since January 9, 2019. All information and availability details can be found here: The monthly fee is CHF 29.90. Data volume 3 GB/month without expiration date. Unused data are automatically transferred to the next month. If you have used up your data volume, you can purchase an additional data package of 1 GB for CHF 7.50 at any time, of course without expiry date. Swisscom network/speed | 4G/LTE (High Speed). Cost of one-time activation CHF 40 The main advantage is the mobile network operation in Coop loyalty program. The user can pay his account (or part of it) with Supercard bonuses.


  • Customer service
  • by phone: 0800 023 4708
  • by post: Co-op Member Services, c/o Swiss Post Solutions Ltd, Unit 550, Metroplex Business Park Manchester, M50 2UE

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