Does Sainsbury have a loyalty card?

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Sainsbury's is the second to Tesco largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. It is overtaking Asda, Morrisons and Aldi.  

The brand is owned by holding company J Sainsbury plc. The company is divided into three parts: Sainsbury's Supermarkets, Sainsbury's Bank и Argos.



Official website:

Customer Services:

What is a Sainsbury's Reward Card?

Some time ago, J Sainsbury's owned its own branded loyalty programme and had a Sainsbury's Reward Card.  Holders of this card could only earn and spend points at Sainsbury's shops. But since 2002, there has been a major change in the company. The UK's largest cross-brand loyalty scheme, the Nectar rewards scheme, was launched in 2002.

What is a Nectar Card?

The Nectar Loyalty Programme is a multi-partner loyalty programme. It is a transnational zone of loyalty for Sainsbury's, Argos, British Airways, Esso, eBay and the Daily Mail Group, alongside many more of different brands.

Sainsbury's is still the owner of the Nectar loyalty card scheme. So the answer to the question "Does Sainsbury's have a loyalty card?" - Yes, there is a loyalty card. With the Nectar card, customers can accumulate and spend points in hundreds of shops across Britain and online. The loyalty scheme includes supermarkets, clothing and homewares shops, banks and petrol stations.

We've detailed the Nectar loyalty scheme on this webpage Nectar Card Loyalty Program - benefits, rewards, spending

You can get your Nectar card online. Registering the card on the Nectar website is free of charge. Once registered, the card can be used to accumulate and redeem points.

The value of points earned varies and depends on the retailer and the purchase itself. For every £1 spent, you can earn 1 point.

When you spend your points at Sainsbury's they are worth 0.5p. You can increase their value by exchanging them for rewards from partner shops.

Sainsbury's loyalty scheme has proved very successful due to its cross-platform nature. A Nectar cardholder can earn points on almost all purchases at Sainsbury's, as well as other participating retailers. The total is a large number of rewards. A great benefit is that Points have no expiry date.

How do I get my Nectar points from Sainsburys?

In order to receive points on your Nectar card, you need to link it to your account at

To register an account on, go to

Sainsbury's registration


Sainsbury's registration form


Then open the email verification window. Specify your email address: a six-digit code will be sent to you, and you'll need to enter it in the box below.

Sainsbury's registration form code


Enter your personal details - your name and telephone number. And we are going to create a password. It must be at least 9 characters long and contain special symbols, numbers, and capital letters.

Sainsbury's registration form


You have to link your Nectar card to your created account. You can also link it through the app.

Sainsbury's App

The loyalty program of the British supermarket chain Sainsbury's offers its customers an improved mobile application Sainsbury's App. 



Sign up for the Sainsbury's App, download links:



Features of Sainsbury's Groceries app:

  • Product catalogue of 30,000+ products
  • Convenient search
  • Door Delivery
  • Self-checkout
  • Nectar card and collect reward points
  • Favorites category for your favorite products
  • Best deals and discounts

If you're already a registered Sainsbury's customer, simply log in to the app using your usual details. 

What is Sainsbury's My ID?

Sainsbury's Groceries has been using My ID since 2022. It's a single digital code that makes it easier for you to access your account while also making it more secure. My ID means that you can now log into Nectar using the same email and password you use to access Sainsbury's Groceries. Now you don't need to remember many passwords: changing your password in Sainsbury's Groceries means your password will be updated for your Nectar account too.

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