Dunkin' Donuts Loyalty Program

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Type of Loyalty Program: Food and beverage

Type of Purchasing: In-store, mobile app, and online

Used by: Dunkin' Donuts, a popular American coffee and doughnut chain. Represented by more than 12 thousand establishments in 45 countries, with more than 7 thousand establishments in the United States and more than 4 thousand in other countries around the world.


Model of Loyalty Program: Rewards Program

Type of Medium: Mobile app and physical card (optional)


Rewards Schemes: Points-based rewards

Additional Perks:

Exclusive offers, birthday rewards, and personalized promotions in Dunkin' Donuts

Exclusive Offers: DD Perks members receive exclusive offers and discounts, including special promotions and early access to new menu items.

Birthday Rewards: Enjoy a special birthday treat as a DD Perks member.

Members who add their birthday to their account will be eligible for a birthday bonus, earning 3X points on any purchases made on their birthday, the day before, or the day after.

Personalized Promotions: Receive personalized offers based on your preferences and purchase history.


Type of Membership: Free

Type of Card: Optional physical card

Program Validity Period: Ongoing

Rewards Points: Earned through various activities.


App: Dunkin' Donuts mobile app



Country/Region: Available in the United States and select international locations

Language: English

Description of Loyalty Program: from DD Perks to Dunkin' Rewards

The DD Perks Rewards Program by Dunkin' Donuts was designed to reward loyal customers while enjoying their favorite coffee and doughnut products. Participants can earn points for every eligible purchase, which can then be redeemed for free beverages, food items, and other rewards.

Dunkin' Rewards is the new rewards program that replaces DD Perks.

Differences Between Dunkin' Rewards and DD Perks

Here are the major differences:

Earning Points: Dunkin' Rewards members earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases. When members visit 12 times in a calendar month, they unlock Boosted Status, earning 20% more points (12 points per $1 spent) for three months.

Redeeming Points: Dunkin' Rewards members can start redeeming rewards at just 150 points (equivalent to $15 spent). Rewards can be used on most menu items, including food and drinks.

Why the Dunkin' Donuts Program Changed?

Dunkin' Rewards was introduced to provide more benefits to members, allowing them to redeem points on a wider range of menu items, enhancing the overall Dunkin' experience.

Joining Dunkin' Rewards

To join Dunkin' Rewards, simply download the Dunkin’ app from your phone’s app store or enroll online at dunkindonuts.com. Existing DD Perks members are automatically enrolled in Dunkin' Rewards. If you are new to Dunkin', create an account and start earning rewards.



Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for rewards such as free beverages, doughnuts, or even discounts on your favorite Dunkin' products. Simply use your mobile app or card to redeem points at participating Dunkin' Donuts locations.

Points Expiry:

Dunkin' Rewards points expire after 6 months if there has been no activity (no point-earning transactions) on the account.

Earn Points and Redeem Rewards: Members can earn points and redeem rewards at drive-thrus, through curbside pickup, and in-store.

Delivery Orders: Delivery orders do not currently earn points or allow the redemption of rewards.

Reward Coupons: Rewards expire 30 days from the day members convert their points into a reward, and members can redeem multiple rewards in a single transaction.

Boosted Status: Dunkin' Rewards members receive Boosted Status after 12 qualifying visits in a calendar month, earning 20% more points for three months. Continuing to visit 12 or more times monthly extends Boosted Status.

Qualifying Visits: A qualifying visit for Boosted Status must be at least 60 minutes apart and include the purchase of a points-eligible item.

Points Redemption: Members can turn their points into rewards via the Dunkin’ App by selecting the Choose Rewards button once they have enough points for a reward category.

Redeeming Rewards: Members can redeem their rewards via the Dunkin’ App, either in-store by scanning a reward's QR code at the register or in the app when they apply the reward in their cart before placing their mobile order.

Point and Reward Tracking: Your points, order history, and converted rewards are available in the Dunkin’ App and on your account on DunkinDonuts.com when signed in.

Purchases Earning Points: Dunkin’ Rewards members earn points on all Dunkin' products, except for certain exclusions such as the purchase or reload of Dunkin’ Gift Cards, Reward Coupon Redemptions, retail merchandise, and more, as detailed in the terms and conditions.



Dunkin' Donuts offers a convenient and rewarding loyalty program that enhances the customer experience by providing freebies and discounts to loyal patrons. It's a great way for coffee and doughnut enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite treats while earning rewards and enjoying exclusive perks.


Payment Method:

Regardless of how they pay (cash, credit/debit, enrolled Dunkin’ Gift Card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay), Dunkin' Rewards members earn the same number of points. Don't forget to scan your Dunkin' Rewards ID before paying in-store to earn points.


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