Fair For You Iceland Card: How to Apply and Use

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The Fair For You Iceland Card is an exciting financial solution that makes shopping in Iceland more affordable and budget-friendly for a family on a low income. We take a look at the basic steps of applying for the card, how to use it for shopping in Iceland and the unique benefits it offers, especially for those looking to better manage their household expenses.

What is the Fair for You flexible credit system?

Fair for You is a not-for-profit community loan service The service was founded in 2015 in the UK by Angela Clements, who previously ran Citysave Credit Union in Birmingham. The flexible lending service is designed to support families with an income of less than £25,000 a year who struggle to find traditional finance options. The main purpose of the Fair for You loan is to purchase essentials and services for families and households. Users can apply for a loan to buy appliances, furniture or to pay for services such as car repairs. Repayment plans are flexible and take into account the borrower's circumstances. In their reviews, customers often mention the friendly approach and reasonable interest rates of the Fair for You program. Overall, the program aims to ensure financial inclusion and reduce poverty.


What is the Iceland Fair for You Card?

The Food Club Card installment payment system is gaining popularity in 2023. The card is part of the Fair for You flexible credit service. Let's find out how the Iceland Fair for You Card can be useful and how it works.

The Iceland Fair for You Card, also known as the Food Club Card, is a prepaid reloadable card for purchases at Iceland and Food Warhouse chain stores. The card works both in-store and online.

Repayments are set at £10 per week and customers can take out extra credit for purchases at Iceland stores up to six times a year for a total limit of £100 at any one time.

The card is designed to help spread the cost of shopping, especially around the holidays.

How does the scheme offered by Fair for You work?

The scheme, allows customers to apply for an initial top-up of between £25 and £75.

Once the application is approved, the pre-loaded card will be received within 5-7 working days.

The Fair for You system works in four stages:

  • Store for products from service partners: Choose from a range of quality home goods from trusted retailers.
  • Apply for credit: Apply for credit directly on the site. Decisions are made quickly, usually within an hour.
  • Get the goods: Fast, free delivery, often next day, including installation services.
  • Repayment on your terms: Flexible repayment options are available: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments. There are no additional costs for early repayment, and the total interest amount is reduced with faster repayment.


How to Apply Fair For You Iceland Card?

You can apply for a Food Club Card online at https://www.fairforyou.co.uk/food-club-card.

  • You need to select the desired credit amount.
  • Then enter your e-mail address
  • Next, specify your Repayment schedule
  • Next, enter your name, age, National insurance number, address (+ time of residence at the given address) and phone number.
  • Then you need to specify the amount of your income.
  • Send your application. If it is approved, you will receive a card.

The service will check your identity and creditworthiness. However, this is done gently and does not entail any consequences for you. The main thing for the service is to find sufficient reasons to grant you credit right now, based on your ability to pay today and without taking into account debts from many years ago.

The motto of the service is: No unfair hidden fees. No triple-digit interest rates. And no judgment.

Once the application is approved and the credit agreement is finalized, it may take 5-7 business days for the card to be delivered.

Please note: While the Fair for You program was created to ensure that people have access to fair loan rates, there is no absolute guarantee that every application will be accepted.

Useful information about the Iceland Food Club card from Fair for You

So, the Iceland Food Club card from Fair for You is essentially an interest-free credit that can be used in-store and online at Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores nationwide. The favorable credit terms are designed to support families with low incomes. The card allows the financial burden to be spread evenly throughout the year, reducing the risk of falling into debt with high-street bank loans.

But the Iceland Food Club prepaid card from Fair for You works just like any other loan. This means that you agree to a repayment schedule and make payments from the agreed date on a regular basis.

Important! Remember that your loan payments are not linked to the spending on your prepaid Iceland Food Club Card. That is, even if you have not used the amount on the card, you still have to pay the loan according to the payment schedule you have chosen.

Where can you use the Food Club Card?

You can use your Food Club Card at any Iceland or The Food Warehouse store and on the Iceland website. To use your Food Club Card online, simply enter your card details at the payment stage in the same way as you enter your debit or credit card details.

Iceland Food Club Card repayment example

Repayments are £10 per week until repaid, so if you borrowed £55 on your Food Club Card, you'll pay £10 a week for five weeks and the last £5 in the sixth week.

You can repay it early without penalty and you can even request a change of repayment day. You can do both on your client dashboard.

What happens if I miss the maturity date?

If you miss a maturity date, you can rearrange your payment plan.


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