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Type of Loyalty program: cashback platform

Type of purchasing: online, offline

Used by:  The www.GoCashBack.com was founded in 2014 by a group of shopping enthusiasts.


Model of Loyalty program: cashback schemes. The service GoCashBack provides coupon codes, discounts and cashback to make shopping easy and profitable. Shopping through GoCashBack allows to earn up to 30% cash back at famous brend stores. Shopping with cashback is waiting for you at Walmart, Home Depot, Ssense, GNC, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Groupon, Ashford, Macy's, SkinStore, UGG, Lancome and and 11,000 more of the most popular brands.


Type of medium: account

Additional perks: coupons. You can get money back every time you dine at local restaurants. The www.GoCashBack.com periodically offers monetary bonuses or other rewards for sign-up in the program, for referring other new members, or for other specific actions.


How to Get GoCashBack $8 sign-up bonus

This link can be used to get $8 sign-up bonus. Sign up to get started. You can start shopping with $8 and earn cash back as soon as you sign-up.

Sign-up page

Or use the referral code: 【 Loyalty 】

Homepage link

Type of membership: free for the asking

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: no points. You can get your cash back via PayPal, Check, Gift Card, Helipay.

Tiers: no tiers

Apps: GoCashBack


Download GoCashBack APP to enjoy 100% offline Cash Back





Country (region): United States, China-Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Korea

Language: English, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese

Description of Loyalty program:

Page https://www.gocashback.com

About GoCashBack

GoCashBack tracks purchases that users make and pays a cash back rebate for valid purchases. If the user chooses to click a link from our website, a drop down offer from our browser extension, or an offer in our mobile app, they will be redirected to the partner's (aka advertiser's) site via affiliate cookies.


The www.GoCashBack.com pays members via PayPal, Check, Gift Card, Helipay and sometimes other payment options (donating to charity). Members may select or change their payment options in the My Account section of GoCashBack.com. If your check expires without being cashed or deposited or if it is returned to the www.GoCashBack.com, it will be returned to your account, where it will be subject to inactive account maintenance charges. The minimum payment amount is $10.00, the maximum payment amount is $2000.00.

It can take up to 120 days for cash back to become available. This depends on the product and the merchant. Also, in some cases it could take longer than 120 days if the merchant has placed an extension on the order.

Options: The Refer-A-Friend program. Every member of the www.GoCashBack.com will be able to refer friends using the www.GoCashBack.com refer-a-friend program. When your friend clicks the link and signs up the www.GoCashBack.com will attribute that sign up to you. The Refer-A-Friend program rewards you with a $5 referral bonus for every friend you refer to the www.GoCashBack.com. The Refer-A-Friend $5 bonus becomes available for redemption immediately after your friend earns own minimum cashback at least $10.00 in available status. In order to redeem the Refer-A-Friend bonus you must earn $10.00 cashback in available status.


e-mail: support@gocashback.com


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