H&M Loyalty program

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H&M Loyalty program

Type of Loyalty program: digital loyalty program. Clothes, cosmetics, household goods.

Type of purchasing: online, offline

Used by: Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish company founded in 1947 by Erling Persson. Today Europe's largest clothing retailer. The control centers are located in Stockholm and New York. The world's second largest global clothing retailer.

Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes

Type of medium: virtual card, app

Rewards schemes: rewards point and bonus.

Additional perks: Surprise Offers. Special Access to Limited Collections.

Type of membership: free for the asking

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: points. Points for shopping: $1 = 1 point, for every 200 points member will receive a $5 Reward

Tiers: Normal, Plus. Plus is unlocking once getting 500 points.  Plus lets access to more benefits and perks such as free shipping, unique experiences and early access to limited collections.

Mobile version: yes


Country (region): H&M and its subsidiaries operate in 71 countries around the world. There are about 5,000 stores in total.

Language: multilanguage

Description of Loyalty program:

The loyalty program from the Swedish clothing retailer H&M runs directly in the H&M app on your smartphone or on hm.com. It is an all-digital loyalty program where member will get points on all shopping, both in store and online. The program allows member to accumulate points for purchases, receive bonuses and exclusive offers. Members of the H&M loyalty program enjoy free shipping and return free of charge.

Some of the member privileges:

  • Virtual card of the loyalty program member in the H&M application
  • Become a member of our loyalty program now and get a Welcome offer: 10% discount on your next purchase!
  • Early access to sales
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Invite your friends to become members and get points for it
  • Free Online Returns
  • Shop now and pay for items later
  • Birthday Offer
  • Shopping Events just for members
  • Digital Receipts

How to join

It is rather simple to join the H&M loyalty program. It is just need to download the H&M app or use web-page hm.com. Customer should fill up the signup form to get an hm.com account. Member ID can be found on your account page.

How to redeem offers

In-Store: 1. Go to your account in the H&M app or on hm.com 2. Choose the offer under the My Account tab you would like to use 3. Show the offer at the register and it will be applied.
Online: 1. Ensure you are logged into your account 2. Simply choose the offer you would like to use at checkout and it will automatically be applied.

Media representation:

Options:  It's a country specific membership, so member can’t use membership abroad.

Support: customer service team https://www2.hm.com/en_us/customer-service/contact.html
CALL US 855-HNM-SHOP, 855-466-7467 (Toll-free)
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



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