How to activate my Iceland Bonus Card in the App

Iceland Foods Limited launched its Iceland Bonus Card mobile app in the spring of 2021. This app is an extension of Iceland's loyalty savings scheme. The installation and registration process is the easiest and most convenient way to register Iceland Bonus Card online.

The app is available on Android and IoS platforms.


Provider: Iceland Foods Limited.
Size: 27.8 MB. Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Price: free.


The supermarket app Iceland Bonus Card has already earned very high rating from users in the time of using.

Download links:

Iceland Bonus Card on AppStore

Iceland Bonus Card on GooglePlay


The main advantage of the new application is a new level of convenience of online shopping, the ability to use all the benefits of Iceland Bonus Card through a smartphone.

The bonus card in the app also gives a number of exclusive features, such as monthly contests and prize draws.

The app also makes it even easier to top up your savings and check your points balance.

You can use the bonus card in the app just like you would use the plastic card - just timely add money to the virtual bonus card in Iceland Bonus Card app and use it for in-store and online purchases. If you save £2 a week on your card, you could have more than £100 in a year.

Do I need to register and activate my Iceland Bonus Card in the app?

One of the advantages of the Iceland Bonus Card mobile app is that it does not require you to separately register your card. The process of installing the app itself is an entry in the Iceland loyalty scheme. Therefore, to activate all the features and benefits, all you have to do is to install the app and issue a virtual card. The card will be tied to your personal data and the phone number, from which the application was installed.

How do I use my Iceland Bonus Card on the store?

Simply add money to your Iceland Bonus Card in the app and use the code to pay for it in stores and online. All you have to do is show the card at the checkout when you check out.

How much is the Iceland Bonus Card reward in the app?

By installing the Iceland Bonus Card app you will receive a £1 bonus for every £20 you accumulate in the scheme.

How do I view my rewards card balance in the app?

You can view your rewards card balance in the app with a single click on the "My Bonus Card" page. You can also find out your card balance at checkout when your card is scanned.


Iceland groceries Bonus Card features

  • Online and in-store shopping. And the Bonus Card will always be at your fingertips in your smartphone
  • Save on special prices and offers for loyalty cardholders
  • Get discounts and cashback of 5%
  • Keep track of your orders at every step from picking to delivery
  • Make lists of your favorite items. It's easy to view your order history and customer profile in the app
  • Set a budget for your shopping
  • Find the nearest Iceland or Food Warehouse stores on the map or as a list, with opening hours.
  • Free delivery on in-store orders over £25 and online orders over £35.
  • Easy registration process. Clear instructions how to register Iceland bonus card



How do I install the Iceland Bonus Card app?

It's important to understand that only UK residents over the age of 18 can install the Iceland Bonus Card app. Only one card may be used per person, or more precisely, only one card may be linked to one phone number. Please note that the Bonus Card is only valid for one week - six times a year.

To install the application you need to open the AppStore or GooglePlay in your smartphone. Make sure you have an internet connection.

Click "download." Next, click "install.

Allow the system to detect your location (this is necessary for the correct functioning of the delivery service and the nearest store search service).

Next, you will need to fill in the information in your user profile, specifying Name, gender, age, email address.

After completing the installation you will be able to issue a virtual loyalty card.

Why is the Iceland Bonus Card not installed?

If the Iceland Bonus Card app does not install on your smartphone - check the following:

  • Is there enough free space to install
  • Internet connection is stable and sufficient speed.
  • Restart your phone.

If you still can't install it, please contact support service.

How do I add my Iceland bonus card to Apple wallet?

  1. Download the Stocard App > Add > Iceland > Share Card > Add to Apple Wallet.
  2. The Apple Wallet Version: Stocard at the top with simple barcode, grouped with other Stocards, no points tracker.



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