How to activate SPAR Club card in Russia?

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As an example of activating a SPAR Club card, we give the Russian version of activating the loyalty program. In other countries where the SPAR distribution network is present, the registration procedure may vary. But the essence remains unchanged.

Why activate the card?

The SPAR CLUB card is a savings program for customers. When you shop at russian SPAR, EUROSPAR and SPAR-express supermarkets, you get points that are credited to the card. Accumulate points and exchange them for goods in chain stores in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Samara, Penza, Vladimir and Ivanovo regions, Chuvash Republic, Mari El Republic and Mordovia.

In addition, the availability of an activated card and its presentation at the cash desk allows you to take advantage of discounts on club promotions for certain goods.
Also, an activated card linked to the Personal Cabinet on the official website of the SPAR network allows you to use additional privileges, such as a smart basket. You cannot create a Personal Cabinet without a card.

Please note that bonuses are not added to an inactive card! In other words, it is not enough just to buy a card, fill out a questionnaire.

If a new card has not been activated within 3 months - it will be blocked. A new card is not issued free of charge.

How do I activate my SPAR Club card in Russia?

If you are shopping in the SPAR chain stores, you will definitely appreciate the SPAR Club bonus savings card. Card holders get the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program with the benefit of up to 35% discount on the most popular products. The list of these products is updated every 2 weeks, which allows you to make profitable purchases, provided that you use the card every time you pay at the cash desk in SPAR supermarkets. In order to start using the privileges of the loyalty program, the card must be purchased and activated. How to buy a card - we tell you on the page "SPAR Club Card - how to get it?", here we will also look at the procedure of card activation.

Activation of SPAR Club card via SMS

Since January 2018, the card activation procedure has been significantly simplified. Now you can activate your card via SMS message. How to do it:

Send an SMS to the short number 3434*, in which you specify through a space:
code word SPAR_ card number_Name_Date of birth.

Example: SPAR_Name_Date of birth: SPAR 9052040000479800 Ivan 12121988

Please note that texting is free.

Activation of SPAR Club card by calling the hotline

The club card can also be activated by calling the Hotline 8 800 500 72 04. Please note that calls must be made from the mobile number to which the card will be registered. The operator will ask for the card number and your personal details to fill in the form. In this case, you agree to the processing of your personal data, and agree to the rules of the loyalty program. 

After completing the above steps, an SMS with a registration code will be sent to your mobile number. This code must be communicated to the operator of the Hotline. The operator confirms registration and assigns you a bonus account number. Now you can accumulate points for purchases.

Activation of the SPAR Club card in the Personal Cabinet

The card can be activated through the procedure of creating a Personal Cabinet at the official website For information on how to do this, see "SPAR CLUB card - access to the Personal Cabinet". Creating a Personal Cabinet opens up even more opportunities for the cardholder.

Important! Please note that the possibility to activate the card through the site is no longer available! This opportunity is indicated on the back of the bonus card, however, for the activation of the card is no longer valid.

How do I know the balance of points on the card?

There are two ways to find out how many points you have been credited for a purchase, your balance and the amount of points spent:
- an additional check, which is issued at the moment of purchase. It shows you the current balance of points.
- You can find out your balance by calling the Hotline 8-800-500-72-04 (free call). To identify a club card, the call must be made from the mobile phone number to which the card is activated.
- In the Personal Cabinet on the website
Points are accumulated from the first purchase using the club card. The first write-off of points is possible after the activation of the card. Points are credited directly on the day of purchase.

How are points awarded?

Points are credited to a SPAR CLUB card from the purchase sum (check) of 350 rubles excluding goods for which no points are credited*. The amount of points is calculated as a percentage of the sum of your purchase:

Keep in mind that points are not credited:
- for products participating in special offers and promotions that are highlighted by special price tags
- for goods paid for (partly or fully) with points already earned
- for tobacco products.

Also, points are not deducted:
- for tobacco products
- alcoholic beverages
- The period of bonus points validity is 1 year from the moment of their crediting.
- If for 12 months no purchases were made on the card - the card is blocked, bonuses are cancelled.

SPAR CLUB card - registration and login to your personal cabinet.

To enter a personal account on the official website of the SPAR store chain, first go from the corporate page to the page of stores in your city by clicking on the menu item "start shopping".

In the opened window on the right at the top, click "enter". Next - login to the site, and if you do not have an account yet - create one.
Fast registration on the site is at the same time the activation of the card.

To complete the procedure, specify a six-digit confirmation code, which will come in the form of an SMS message to the phone number specified during registration.

SPAR Private Office Features

Private office opens up many additional opportunities and benefits for the cardholder. It is convenient to see the points balance, learn about new promotions and discounts, special offers. But the main advantage is the Smart Cart, a new convenient service from the SPAR network.

Smart-cart by SPAR club card

The Smart Basket is a service that predicts your purchase based on your preferences and frequently purchased products. Online shop SPAR - a rich range of products from which you can choose what you need and order with delivery to your home, office or anywhere in the city. Delivery regions and prices are indicated on the corresponding page of the website, or you can simply ask the operator.

Smart cart is designed so that you do not waste time searching for the same goods in the catalog. Smart cart analyzes past purchases by SPAR card number and is generated automatically. Your usual items have already been found in the catalogue and added to the shopping cart at the prices of a regular SPAR store.

You can customize your user profile by entering your address. In this case, the delivery will be automatically made to it. If you need to deliver products to a different address - you can inform the operator or specify "Another address" directly in the order field.

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