How to get a Tesco Clubcard Plus?

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Clubcard Plus is a new monthly subscription from Tesco stores starting in November 2019. Clubcard Plus benefits available only to Clubcard members – so you'll have to join the free loyalty scheme first, if you're not already signed up in Tesco Clubcard. On the other hand, if you do not want to buy a new subscription, there will be no change to the current Clubcard scheme for you. Whether Tesco Clubcard Plus is worth for you depends upon how much you spend in store at Tesco each month. You should understand that Clubcard Plus could be profitable only if you spend £80+ a month in store at Tesco.


Clubcard Helpline Phone 0800 591 688

Official web page

What is a Tesco Clubcard Plus?

Tesco Clubcard Plus  subscription promises «Fancy saving up to £40 in-store every month». Clubcard members can start saving in-store right away after launching Clubcard Plus app.


  • Clubcard Plus benefits are added to the standard features of the free Clubcard scheme (collecting points and boost them for triple their value)
  • 10% off your groceries in-store, twice a month (up to £200 each shop).
  • 10% off non-grocery Tesco brands (F&F, Fred & Flo, Go Cook, Fox & Ivy, Tesco Pet and Carousel)
  • Tesco Mobile customers can get double data and double Clubcard points.
  • 1-month free trial for all new subscribers (customer must have not been a subscriber to Clubcard Plus within the last 6 months).
  • sign up and use the discount on the same day


Subscription payment: pay monthly £7.99.

Note! Еhe monthly period begins from the date of registration. For example, if you sign up on 12 December, it'll renew on 12 January.

There isn’t a minimum period for the subscription, so customers can cancel it at any time by clicking on the “Cancel Renewal” button in the Clubcard app. Customer can even cancel your free trial Clubcard Plus subscription. If you are within the first 14 days of joining Clubcard Plus, you will need to call the Clubcard Helpline on 0800 591 688.

Where is Tesco Clubcard Plus used?

This new service can be used in all UK Tesco stores, including Metro and Express shops. It cannot be used for online shopping.

What’s included in free trial period?

Every new member can enjoy all the benefits of Clubcard Plus for 1 month. Your subscription will continue for £7.99 a month when your free trial ends. If you're going to do a big shop, you could sign up and use the discount on the same day.

How to get a Tesco Clubcard Plus?

Note! Do not confuse application form for Tesco Clubcard and Tesco Clubcard Plus. We have considered separately the registration process and the answer to the question how to get a Tesco clubcard (see some instructions).

It's easy to get a Tesco Clubcard Plus for Clubcard members. There are some ways:

  • Via Clubcard app. Tesco Clubcard customers can subscribe to the new Clubcard Plus scheme using app, which is available on Android and iPhone.
  • Via phone. Please, call 0800 032 9029 and take out a pay monthly contract. Be ready to give your payment details.
  • Via Clubcard Plus web page

You should follow the sign up process: press blue button “Start your FREE trial”,



next sign in to your account (or register for a new account). >

Note! Tesco clubcard application form contains several fields where you need to enter your personal data.


next follow the sign up process - you'll be asked to enter your payment details (you won't be charged until the free month ends). Once your free month has ended the £7.99 subscription fee will be charged automatically.

Next you'll get the verification code. Put it in the gape, everything is done.

If  verification code  doesn't work, you should request a new code in your Clubcard Plus account.

You can also get a Tesco Clubcard Plus via Tesco Mobile web page



How to add Tesco Сlubcard to Apple Wallet

Adding Tesco Сlubcard to Apple Wallet makes your payments quicker. Apple Wallet is a secure and easy way to pay using your Tesco Clubcard. Also you can add to Apple Pay your Tesco Bank Debit Card and Tesco Bank Credit Card.
It needs firstly to download and install the Tesco Clubcard App. Then choose main menu, then choose “add to Apple Wallet”. Done.

How to download your Clubcard app?

Tesco Clubcard app is way to get rewarding: to collect points, make savings and redeme rewards. Get your money-saving vouchers on your phone and manage your Clubcard account on the go.
To download your Clubcard app just get the link

for Android


For iPhone


App features

  • no need to carry a club card – just scan your phone to collect points.
  • The "New Points" section allows you to track your points on the go.
  • Android Pay can be connected
  • Easy access to the scanning function when purchasing with the application barcode.
  • Easily search for the nearest store, + function to create a route. 


How to get 10% off?

Clubcard Plus members can get 10% off grocery shopping in-store twice a month. When you want to save, scan one of your two discount coupons in your Clubcard app.

Note! Exclusion apply (fuel and special goods for cars, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, gift cards, stamps (postal and savings), milk formula for infants, medicines on prescription, periodicals, foreign currency, the cost of a carrying bag, café Tesco, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages with a 25% discount on six bottles).

To use 10% discount, you need to select the appropriate option in the app. So make sure that you have your smartphone with you when you go shopping.

By the way, if the total cost of your purchase is more than £200 (but less than £400), you can divide this purchase into two checks and apply the discount to each check. This way, you can spend the entire discount at one time. 


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