How to get Amazon Prime Store Card?

| Published | LAST UPDATED . Store Card and Amazon Prime Store Card are Amazon's own online store cards, issued to U.S. residents who have an American Bank account and an American Social Security number. Amazon Store Card is one of the  Amazon’s accepted payment methods with high security and a guarantee of secure payments.


What's the difference between the Amazon Prime Store Card and the Store Card?

The Amazon Prime Store Card is needed to earn reward points, but not to use them.

If you have an Amazon Prime account (costs $119 per year), you can apply for the Store Card. If your credit scores meet the requirements, you will be instantly transferred to the Amazon Prime Store Card. From then on, you'll be able to earn reward points for purchases made with the Amazon Prime Store Card.

What is a Amazon Prime store card?

The Amazon Prime Store Card is good for people who shop frequently at and already have an Amazon Prime membership. This card is issued by Synchrony Bank.
Reward point is worth $1.


Benefits of Amazon store card

  • No annual fee
  • No fee for using your eligible points at
  • Credit card features
  • Cashback for purchases on Amazon 5% back on all purchases
  • Can be used for purchases at,, merchant sites that accept Amazon Pay, and Amazon-branded physical stores, such as Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Go.
  • You can use points to pay for purchases on, including Amazon Kindle, the Amazon Appstore family of apps, AmazonFresh, Subscribe and Save, Prime memberships (excluding Prime Gift). Points can be used to pay for Amazon music and movies, pre-order items, textbook rentals, Amazon Allowance, or top-ups (gift cards).
  • Interest-free financing for expensive items

Bonus points can also be used to pay off credit. To choose to use your bonus points as a statement credit, go to Synchrony's e-service website at After logging in, go to the Rewards page on the Rewards & Offers tab. Under "Apply as Statement Credit", you can manually redeem reward points to statement credit, or you can connect to automatic redemption to statement credit by clicking on "Turn On Automated Redemption".

Each Amazon Prime Store Card reward point equals $1, regardless of whether your reward points are used to pay for the corresponding purchase on or used as an account credit.

How to get Amazon Prime Store Card

Note! To get an Amazon Prime Store Card, you need to have an active Prime account ($119 per year) to be eligible.

You can register your account by following the link in the main menu bar of the site.

The registration form looks like this:




If you already have an account, just log in. The login form is also located here and looks like this:


To send request for a card you must first fill out your credit score pre-assessment form. The form looks like this:


Keep in mind that approval alone is not yet a guarantee of a card, nor can a negative decision be a final ban on getting a card.


What is Shop with Points at

Amazon Prime Store Cardholders may see redemption of reward points for purchases referred to as "Shop with Points". Shop with Points offers customers the ability to use rewards points earned from a variety of rewards programs for purchases at You can use points to pay for an order at in the same way that you would use any credit card. There is no fee for using your eligible points at


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