How to get and register a Shell ClubSmart card on the official website?

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To become a member of the Shell ClubSmart loyalty program, you need to get a card at the nearest Shell gas station. Then you should go to official website to create a new account. To do this, enter the card number and enter your email address in the appropriate fields. After that, click the yellow “Create Account” button.

Next, fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk.

By the way, points will be awarded if you fill out your profile on the official website and subscribe to the Shell support team.

You will receive a welcome 50 points on the card after completion of the registration procedure. If you register on within 5 days from the first purchase, you can get 200 welcome points!

When you buy fuel at a petrol station, certain products in a brand shop, or food and drinks in a Shell café, use a loyalty card and points will be credited to your account. There are special promotions that allow you to collect points faster - you can find current offers at the nearest Shell gas station or on the website. For example, you can accumulate points faster by refueling with branded fuel from the Shell V-Power range. Or you can get double points for refueling on Sundays.


How to register a Shell ClubSmart card in a mobile app?

The new Shell ClubSmart format offers to install a mobile offer and take advantage of the card in a mobile application. You can download the application directly on the official website or in the App Store and Google Play.


To register your Shell ClubSmart card in the Shell app, enter the card number and password that you created on Next, click on the Join Shell ClubSmart button, and then “Sign In”. Then enter the card number and password. Click the Login button.

Shell is a mobile app that helps motorists on the go. Using the application you can:

  • check the balance of points on the Shell ClubSmart loyalty card, order gifts, use the Shell ClubSmart loyalty card;
  • find and save Shell gas stations;
  • Learn about special promotions and receive personalized offers.

How to check Shell ClubSmart card balance

You can check the club card balance in the following ways:

• view in your account on the website
• at the gas station operator
• in a cash receipt, after refueling or buying
• call the toll-free hotline number
• install the application on the phone

Please note that with this application you can not only check the balance, but also see the location of gas stations in the city, be in the know about company news and be the first to know about ongoing contests and sweepstakes.

Important! Points have a limited, albeit rather long, lifetime of not more than 36 months. That is, Club Smart points can be accumulated within 3 years from the date of receipt of the accumulation card, but after 36 months, if you have never exchanged gifts or written off your accumulative bonuses, they will be canceled the next day after the expiration of this period.

Also, points can “burn out” if you never use your discount card for 12 months. The card itself will be blocked. If this happens, you should call the Customer Support Service at 8 800 77 00 455, or write to by e-mail.

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