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The loyalty program from the cooperative COOP is distinguished by its scale and originality. Like in many loyalty programs, COOP members get many opportunities to save money by refunding 5% of spent money to their account, partner discounts, special offers. But COOP provides its members with much more - a whole social space, which includes various activities, not limited to shopping. COOP affects many areas of human life, striving in everything to achieve simplicity and elegance of solutions, simplifying and facilitating the daily tasks of its participants.


How to become a COOP member

Becoming a member of the COOP is easy - you have to pay £1, which costs one share in the cooperative.

There are three ways to apply for membership:
- From the official website
- by phone: 0800 023 4708
- Get a temporary card directly from the COOP store. 

Then the card must be registered. This is especially important for a temporary card purchased at a COOP food store - without registration the card is invalid and in 12 weeks it will be unusable. Below we will consider separately how to register for a temporary card.
To register, you must agree to the processing of personal data and agree to the rules of the COOP program.

You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, home address and postcode and a valid email address. You can also choose the form of communication with the cooperative - to allow or prohibit marketing messages and notifications of special promotions. Other messages from COOP concern the maintenance of your account.

You can read about the Coop privacy policy here

One person can only have one card. There is place on the front of the card for a personal signature. This is important - the card belongs to a certain person and can only be used by them. You cannot transfer your membership rights to a third party, for example, you cannot transfer your card to someone to receive 5% or 1% reward, use exclusive member prices or receive points. In addition to the accumulation of bonus points, the card is also a document confirming membership in the cooperative. The card must be shown at meetings of the cooperative.

How do I register a Coop temporary card?

You can buy a Temporary Card at any Coop grocery store for just £1. You must register a new card within three months or the card will be cancelled. The card can be rewarded with points  immediately after purchase, but you can only use it once you have registered your card with the loyalty system. Points can be collected on the temporary card. All of them will be transferred to a permanent account after registration as a participant. After registration the member gets a permanent card with the same number as a temporary card.

To register through the official website, open the page Then click on the tab Register your temporary card.


Then fill in the fields with your personal data.


After confirming your data, you will receive a message about successful registration. Now expect to receive a permanent member card.

Personal cabinet and account management

After registration, a personal account of the member will be available. There you can manage your account and change your details as well as find out your bonus points balance, check your rewards (your 5% and 1%) and other COOP rights.

To access your account, click on the “sign in” in the upper right corner of the site. Then enter your card number.

You can also access your member account and change your contact details in other ways:
- by phone: 0800 023 4708
- by mail: cooperative member service department, c/o Swiss Post Solutions Ltd, division 550, Metroplex Business Park, Manchester M50 2UE.

The easiest way to find out the amount of your reward is to check the receipt for payment from the COOP food store, at the bottom of the receipt there is information about your account status.

When do 5% or 1% of rewards appear in your account?

When you buy any food at Coop: 5% - immediately. 1% - within 24 hours. Coop Legal Services: fees will be credited within 15 days of purchase. Funeral services: 1% will be credited after a 30-day period.

Where you can spend your 5%

To spend the accrued rewards, you need to show your membership card or specify your membership number when paying. All or only part of the reward amount may be accepted for payment - it depends on your wishes.

You can spend your rewards on a purchase:

  • Co-op Food
  • Cooperative Legal Services
  • Funeralcare Cooperative

Also, the list of partner companies from time to time may include other shops and shopping areas, follow the news.

Important! If the membership card is not used for more than 1 year the accumulated rewards can be canceled! 

The list of goods and services for which no rewards are credited can be found at


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