How to register for a My Morrisons Card?

Morrisons offers its customers an interesting loyalty program called My Morrisons. There are different kinds of incentives in this program:

  • in the form of a surprise gift
  • discount coupons
  • membership in My Morrisons clubs
  • Christmas savings

To enjoy these benefits, you must register for the system.

We talked more about the My Morrisons loyalty program on this page.

Registering involves linking your personal information to your bonus account. Only then can you enjoy all the benefits of the program. It is also important to keep your My Morrisons account updated in case of any changes.

In order to register at, click on the "register" button in the upper right corner


Next, continue with your registration.

My Morrisons registration


The first step is your current valid email address.


Next, type in your name.

My Morrisons Registration on the website form


Next step is to enter your zip code - you will need it to determine the region where your order will be delivered

My Morrisons Registration postcode


Next, come up with a password. Please note that the password must contain one special character (like !@#$%^), one uppercase character, one numeric digit. Password must be at least 8 characters.

My Morrisons Registration on the website


In the next step you can allow or disallow to accept newsletters

My Morrisons Registration form on the website


Next, if you have a plastic card - select the corresponding item. If not - click - no card.

My Morrisons Registration card


A virtual card will be created. That's it. You can use the card simply by showing its barcode.

My Morrisons card Registration on the website


Next, choose your address - address options are given according to the postal code.

My Morrisons Registration adress


If you can not find your address - at the bottom there is a link for this case. The address can be entered manually in a special form.

My Morrisons registration form


Done. Registration is complete and we get into My Morrisons Personal Area.

My Morrisons Registration on


My Morrisons Account


How do I sign in to My Morrisons personal account?

Your personal account is now attached to your personal data. In My Morrisons Personal Office you will be able to see all the data on savings and memberships in My Morrisons clubs.

My Morrisons Account


In the personalized offers section, you'll see messages about discounts on certain product groups.

My Morrisons Offers


You can log in to the Personal Cabinet at any time with your password. The login is your email address.