Iceland Offers and Deals: full detailed review of benefits

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The popular British supermarket chain Iceland and The Food Warehouse, known for its wide range of frozen and fresh foods, offers many deals and offers that many customers may not be aware of.

These offers are quite varied and you can only find out about them by digging deep into the bowels of the chain's official website But that's only half of it. Since all offers and deals are presented outside of any general system, it is not always possible to understand their relationship immediately. What do you need to take advantage of an offer? An Iceland account? Or a mobile app? A registered Iceland Bonus Card? Or nothing at all? And do the discounts add up? And how long is the issued Iceland offer code valid? And what about Iceland loans? The modern customer simply doesn't have time to deal with a whole bunch of such questions. So we decided to thoroughly research all the offers and deals from Iceland and give you a single list and guide to them.


So, let's explore the Iceland Offers and Deals that may well give you substantial savings and extra value in various product categories. From “Iceland 7 day deals for tomorrow” to seasonal specials like “xmas offers”, voucher offers for new and existing customers, and special offers for groups such as pensioners and NHS staff. And of course the main treasure is the loyalty program with the famous Iceland Bonus card.

All Iceland Offers and Deals

We take a detailed look at each of all offers to help customers understand and make the most of these opportunities. Whether you're a regular shopper or new to Iceland and The Food Warehouse, understanding these offers can greatly improve your shopping experience and budget management.

Here's a list of various offers and deals available at Iceland and The Food Warehouse.

Voucher and Discount Offers:

Iceland £30 voucher offer

Iceland is offering people of retirement age a £30 voucher to buy groceries of essentials as part of its Summer Cheer campaign. The supermarket has teamed up with the Rothesay Foundation to support the 1.7 million older people in the UK who live in poverty and depend on state pension and benefits. The Summer Cheer campaign took place in 2022 but is renewable. The availability of the £30 voucher can be checked by calling the Summer Cheer hotline on 0800 098 7877. The telephone line will be open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Iceland £5 voucher offer

New customers save £5 on orders over £45 with this Iceland voucher code. Valid for online purchase only.

Specific Product Deals

Iceland permanently offers deals on purchases of goods in groups or small batches. This offer can include a variety of products, which customers can combine with each other and save on the total cost of the combined purchase. This offer is valid for all customers - online and in-store, regardless of participation in the loyalty program. The full list of offers is published on the official website in the Offers section

Such deals include, for example, Iceland 5 for 5 deal, Iceland bread offers, Iceland cheese offers, Iceland chicken offers, Iceland ice cream offers, Iceland frozen fish offers, Iceland pizza offer, Iceland turkey offer, Iceland veg offer, Iceland 5 pound meal deal, Iceland meal deal 5, Iceland frozen meal deal, Iceland curry offer 4 for 5, Iceland pizza meal deal and so on.

You can find a suitable deal by using the filter on the offer page. You can select a product category, price and brand and then sort by cost or name. You can also select the most popular offers - it's a very convenient way to buy the best and most favorable.

Seasonal and Special Offers

Iceland offers its customers many holiday deals - seasonal festivities often hit family budgets and the expense can dampen the joy of seeing loved ones. To make the holidays as affordable as possible, Iceland offers a system of holiday discounts and deals: Iceland Christmas dinner offer, Iceland Christmas food order, Iceland Christmas food to order, Iceland Christmas offers, Iceland Xmas food offers, Iceland Easter offers, Iceland food special offers and so on.


Win £50 with Every Find: Elf on the Food Shelf Christmas 2023 Offer

The Elf on the Shelf promotion at Iceland is a festive, interactive Christmas offer. Customers search for hidden elves in the store and online to win £50 for future shopping. With 70 winners, this fun initiative enhances shopping trips and boosts engagement and loyalty.

Iceland Christmas Offers

Christmas shopping at Iceland is popular due to its extensive selection of festive food. Iceland strives to satisfy its shoppers for the perfect Christmas feast. The convenience of online shopping and delivery is worth noting - ensuring that holiday preparations are stress-free and hassle-free.


Discounts and Deals for Social Groups

Iceland supports different social groups with targeted offers and discounts. For example, the following deals are relevant in Iceland: Iceland discount for pensioners, Iceland discount NHS, Iceland senior discount, Iceland OAP discount, Iceland pensioners discount, Iceland offers for pensioners, Iceland special offers for pensioners.

Tuesdays’ Offer 60+ Discount

This is an inclusive part of Iceland's loyalty program designed to support the disadvantaged. Every Tuesday, Iceland and The Food Warehouse offer a 10% discount to customers aged 60 and over. To benefit from this discount, shoppers must be an Iceland Bonus card holder, which is part of their loyalty scheme. To receive the discount at any Iceland or The Food Warehouse store nationwide, shoppers must present a valid ID along with their Iceland Bonus card to prove their age. Those who do not have an Iceland Bonus card can register for free to qualify for this offer.


Iceland discount NHS Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card discount scheme is available across the Iceland store network and offers discounts to members of the emergency services, NHS, social care and armed forces. The offer offers two discounts on online purchases on the Iceland network: new customers can save £6 on purchases of £45 or more, and all customers can save £3 on purchases of £60 or more. To take advantage of the offer, cardholders need to go to the Blue Light Card website, get their unique code and apply it at checkout. 

Student Beans in Iceland

All students can get a discount at Iceland stores. New student shoppers can get a £6 discount on purchases of £45 or more. To receive this discount, students must register on the Student Beans website to confirm their student status. Once confirmed, they will receive a discount code that can be applied at checkout to save money on their Iceland purchase. This offer is designed to make shopping more affordable for students who are new to shopping in Iceland.

Slimming World Offer

The Slimming World offer at Iceland is designed to support a group of people following a diet plan. As part of this partnership, frozen meals balanced to support the chosen diet are available in Iceland stores. All meals on offer are designed according to the principles of the Slimming World diet plan and offer healthy, balanced and calorie-controlled options.
The Slimming World diet plan at Iceland is based on the following principles:

  • Healthy food choices: A variety of ready-made meals that meet the Slimming World dietary framework (curries, pasta dishes and traditional favorites)
  • Convenience: Pre-prepared meals are a convenient option for those looking to stick to a balanced diet without spending a lot of time preparing meals.
  • Portion Control: The portions of each meal help to control weight as well as track the amount of food consumed.
  • Affordability: These meals are available at Iceland stores, making them easily accessible to a wide range of customers and allowing them to stick to the Slimming World diet.

Weekly and Daily Deals

Iceland offers a wide range of grocery products in a recurring discount format. Deals include favorable pricing on fresh and frozen food, beverages and bakery products. The store regularly features new food offers, including many items priced at £1 or less, as well as several attractive multi-buy options (where several items can be bundled together for a bargain price). For example there are the following offers: Iceland 7 day offers, Iceland offers 7 day deal, Iceland seven day deal this week, Iceland deals this week, Iceland offers this week, this week's special offers at Iceland.


£1 or Less Offer

Isleland's official website has a special section where products and goods with low cost are collected. This offer is constantly changing - different products can fall into this category.

Iceland Bonus Card Specific Offers

Iceland Bonus Card allows customers to enjoy exclusive offers and bonuses when shopping online and in chain stores. Thanks to Iceland Bonus Card deal customers get £1 back for every £20 on the card's top-up balance. The card gives access to exclusive prices (see “Iceland bonus card offers this week”), allows for free home delivery in-store and online, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and win various prizes. Read more about Iceland Loyalty ProgrammIceland Bonus Cards: Registration and Benefits.


Iceland Bonus Card App

The app extends the capabilities of the loyalty program by allowing customers to instantly view and top up their savings. The reward scheme is the same as the plastic card: an extra £1 for every £20 saved on the card balance. The app has the advantage of easy access to competitions, prize draws and the best deals. It's also easier to buy online and easier to arrange home delivery using the app.

Iceland Bonus Card Savings

This offer essentially describes how the Iceland loyalty card works. Iceland's rechargeable card has a user-friendly interface in the card's Personal Area, allowing customers to customize a shopping and savings budget that is convenient for them. This way one can save as little or as much as possible, at a time or in small amounts. Customers can earn £1 bonuses all year round and spend their savings whenever they want, either in-store or online.

Promotional Codes and Coupons

Using Iceland promo codes and coupons is a strategic approach to attracting new customers and retaining existing customers by providing discounts and offers such as Iceland first order promo code, Iceland promo code new customer, Iceland coupon codes, Iceland discount voucher codes. As part of the program Complete Savings Offer Web Loyalty Iceland is a welcome reward of £20.87 in cashback to customers who make a purchase at Iceland and register for Complete Savings. Members can receive a monthly bonus of £15 each month they shop at Iceland, which offsets the subscription fee. They can also receive 10% cashback on purchases at Iceland and over 1,000 other retailers up to £250 each month. The program includes a 30-day free trial, after which a subscription fee of £15 per month is charged. In total, members can save up to £3,000 a year, including an additional £180 in monthly bonuses, by following three steps: shop, join and earn.

The Iceland Rewards program offers

The Iceland Rewards program offers various discounts and offers for customers shopping online. Well-known brands and stores participate in the program.  Offers listed at include:

  • Discounts up to 40% off select gifts.
  • Discounts of up to 56% on children's toys.
  • Discounts up to 40% off thousands of items.
  • Discounts of 25% on all clothing and shoes.
  • Savings on car insurance, an opportunity to save up to £523.
  • Dining offers such as 2 for 1 or 50% off at thousands of restaurants.
  • Offers for top-ups, such as 3 for 2.
  • Savings on hotel stays, such as 10% off at easyHotel.
  • Various Cyber Week and Black Friday promotions offering significant discounts on a wide range of products and categories.

To take advantage of these offers, shoppers usually need to click on the "Get Offer" link, which redirects them to the brand's website to use the code and save money.

To take advantage of these rewards, you need to do the following:

  • View all discounts or register to see exclusive discounts.
  • Click "Get Offer" to go to the brand's website.
  • Use the code provided to save on your purchases.

Iceland Complete Savings Offer

Complete Savings is an online membership program offering discounts and cashback from well-known retailers and service providers. Members are invited to join the program after placing an online order at Iceland, and benefits of the program include monthly bonuses, up to 10% cashback at over 1,250 stores, and 20% off gift cards, saving hundreds of dollars a year. The WLY* fee is a membership fee that provides access to these benefits.

You can get in touch with Complete Savings via their website, phone, email or by using Cleo's virtual assistant.

How do I take part in Complete Savings?

Membership is open to UK residents aged 18 and over, and you can sign up after shopping on Cashback and rewards are paid by bank transfer or, in the case of welcome rewards, to a Visa card.

So to take part in Complete Savings you need to be a registered Iceland user.

"Refer a Friend" Offer

Iceland's "Refer a Friend" promotion - is an offer with double benefits. If you refer a friend to Iceland, you can share with them a voucher that gives them £6 off their first purchase of £45 or more. In return for the recommendation, you'll receive a voucher for £6 off your next purchase of £60 or more. In addition to the referral discount, the promotion includes free next day delivery on orders of £40 or more.

Free Delivery Offers

Iceland's free shipping offers are designed to provide added convenience and savings for customers shopping online.  The offers are particularly attractive to those who prefer the simplicity of online shopping or do not have easy access to a physical Iceland store, such as аree delivery Iceland code, Iceland shop online free delivery, Iceland free delivery promo code, Iceland online offers, Iceland food warehouse online shopping.


Iceland Fair for You Card

Iceland has partnered with flexible credit service Fair for You. This means that you can use the interest-free installment Food Club Card from Fair for You to shop at Iceland. The Fair for You Iceland Card is essentially a card that pre-loads certain credit amounts. You can spend these amounts at your convenience, spreading the financial burden evenly throughout the year.  You determine your own loan repayment schedule and pay it off without unnecessary overpayments. This partnership reflects Iceland's commitment to supporting its clients, especially those who find it difficult to make large lump sum payments for groceries and necessities during the holidays. By partnering with Just for You, Iceland can offer a more inclusive shopping experience, ensuring that all customers, regardless of their financial situation, have access to quality food and goods.

Iceland Gift Cards Offer

Iceland offers gift cards that can be redeemed at over 1,000 Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores nationwide. These cards are ideal for those who want to enjoy Iceland's wide range of products, which includes the UK's largest selection of frozen meals and desserts, fresh fruit, vegetables, bakery products and exclusive brands such as Greggs, TGI Fridays and Ed's Easy Diner. Gift cards are the perfect gift for friends and family, allowing them to choose from a variety of Iceland's offerings. There is also the option to purchase gift cards for businesses.
However, it is important to note that these gift cards cannot be used for online grocery orders.

Iceland Bingo Offer

Iceland Bingo is the familiar name for a series of promotional games from the Iceland store chain. The name was changed in April 2021 to Prize Land Bingo. The site game is run in conjunction with 888 Group. For adult users with an age limit of 18+, several online bingo games with various rewards are available here. Iceland offers a responsible gaming format under its protection and guarantee. New users are offered free bingo games as a bonus. Prize Land Bingo rewards user deposits with prize spins and potential jackpots.

Prize Land Bingo offers several incentives. New members can get three days of free access to the Daily Doozy bingo room, and with subsequent deposits, they can get spins on the prize wheel and a chance to win additional spins. The site also offers daily events such as the Freezer room, open from 6-8pm for chat games and potential secret jackpots. On Mondays, depositors receive a balance boost that can be used in the 90-ball and 75-ball rooms.

It's worth noting that despite the various daily and weekly rewards, there is no points-based loyalty program.

How the security of the game is ensured

The platform secures transactions using SSL with 128-bit encryption and offers a standard set of payment methods including e-wallets, credit cards and bank transfers, with support for multiple currencies.

What you can win at Prize Land Bingo

Prize Land Bingo invites gambling enthusiasts into an exciting realm filled with a wide range of bingo games, including the traditional 90 and 75 ball games, as well as exciting secret jackpot games and free bingo variants. Weekly prize rooms on Fridays offer players the chance to win real prizes such as the latest technology gadgets and shopping vouchers. The platform also features an extensive collection of over 600 slot games, updated weekly, to suit all tastes with popular and new titles. In addition, the prize wheel gives players guaranteed wins, including free spins, bonuses and vouchers, every time they spin.


These offers reflect a wide range of savings opportunities, from specific product discounts to special deals for various customer groups, enhancing the shopping experience at Iceland and The Food Warehouse.

Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores: how they are related to each other?

Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores are part of the Iceland Foods Ltd. retail group. Iceland is known for its focus on frozen foods and convenient meals, while The Food Warehouse combines the convenience of a supermarket with the benefits of a wholesaler. Simply put, The Food Warehouse is a larger Iceland store format offering a wider range of products. At The Food Warehouse, you can buy items in bulk - making the store attractive to both regular consumers and small business owners.

What both stores have in common is a commitment to providing a variety of food products, including exclusive brands, at competitive prices. Iceland's loyalty program also applies to The Food Warehouse.

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