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Marks & Spencer (M&S) is the largest British retailer of clothing and consumer goods. Marks & Spencer stores attract customers with additional entertainment and offers (cafes, supermarkets, entertainment facilities). All M&S branded stores have a loyalty program, including online shopping at www.marksandspencer.com. M & S Sparks Offers is the heart of this program. Let's explore all sides of this reward.

M&S Sparks card


Sparks offers

You must sign up for the M&S Loyalty Program in order to have your own Sparks account. A loyalty card (plastic or digital) is linked to it, which allows you to take advantage of special offers.

We wrote in detail about the M & S Sparks loyalty program. Registration page:

Page: https://www.marksandspencer.com/joinsparks

Full term and condition M&S Sparks

So, the Sparks incentive program offers you the opportunity to receive exclusive offers. M & S Sparks Offers are personalized, which means you'll be offered exactly what you like best.

M&S Sparks card

Marks & Spencer stores have a revamped Sparks loyalty program today. In the new scheme, Sparks points are no longer awarded. But you still need the card. With the card, you can win free purchases, as well as get small treats and rewards. And of course you can't do without the card when using Sparks offers. To use the discount voucher, you need to activate it with your personal account.

Also, when receiving rewards, you will need to show your card at the checkout in the store: you can show a plastic card or a digital card through the Sparks app.

Overall, it's worth noting that Marks & Spencer is trying to blaze a new trail in finding a way to attract new customers. It seems an interesting way to encourage customer activity through rewards for feedback on the performance of branded stores. We wrote about M&S reviews here: Marks and Spencer Survey at www.Makeyourmands.Co.Uk

How do I get my Sparks offers?

You can either activate the offer to your card from your online account or the Sparks app. You might also get an email or some vouchers in the post, including spare codes to give to friends and family members, though I've not had these in quite a while.
There are always some great deals among Sparks offers. To get offers, log into your account through the Marks and Spencer app.

Under Sparks offers, you'll find gifts and discount vouchers.

Choose the offer that interests you. You'll need to activate it. You can do this either in your online account or in the Sparks app. You will receive an email with the vouchers in it. The email will also include spare codes to give to friends and family members.

When do the new Sparks offers appear?

The M&S Loyalty Program rules state that a lucky customer is chosen at random each week. Each week, one shopper will receive their purchases for free. And some customers will be offered special personalized offers. The more often you shop at Marks & Spencer branded stores, the more chances you have to earn rewards.

Sparks offers in M&S app

Sparks offers in M&S app


To conveniently select Sparks offers and gifts it is worth downloading and installing the M&S app.

On iOS, click on the app store, choose the M&S app and click download.


On Android, open the Play Store, choose the M&S app and click install


The M&S app is designed for convenient online shopping in the M&S store chain. This modern app has earned a high rating due to a number of conveniences and useful features.

Using the app, it is easy to sign up for the Marks & Spencer loyalty program. It is very easy to create a Sparks account and you can immediately start using the rewards system, receive exclusive offers.

What to do if there are problems in getting Sparks offers?

If there are unforeseen problems when activating a voucher or getting a discount, don't worry. Everything will be solved. There is the M&S customer service to solve your questions.

You can ask your question via the feedback form, link to page https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/help#intid=footernav_help-and-contact-us

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