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Type of Loyalty program: clothes, other (products, home goods, furniture, technology, beauty products, financial services)

Type of purchasing: online, offline

Used by: Marks & Spencer (M&S) is Britain's largest clothing manufacturer. Currently, Marks & Spencer stores are full-fledged shopping and entertainment complexes with grocery supermarkets, cafes, entertainment venues.


Model of Loyalty program: Rewards + Treats (Sparks), charity. The Marks & Spencer Loyalty Program is an incentive program for loyal customers who make purchases in Marks & Spencer branded retail stores and the online store

Type of medium: profile (account in new loyalty scheme app)

Rewards schemes: Sparks is M&S’s customer reward scheme, which gives the chance to receive some treats to customer. The main feature of the M&S loyalty program is the opportunity to make a donation to chosen Sparks charity while shopping.

Additional perks: gift card (e-gift card), birthday offer

A gift card is a branded card from M&S for up to £500 online and up to £1,000 in store. Gift cards can be used in more than 700 UK stores, online and in the M&S app. The cards come in a variety of designs and can have messages to add personality.


The birthday offer is a chance to get a free treat or pay for your purchases at our expense. Please note that a birthday offer is not always given to every customer. The offer depends on how often you shop with Sparks.

Type of membership: free for the asking

Type of card: card (physical and virtual)


Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: no points

Tiers: no

Mobile version: yes

Apps: M&S app


On iOS, click on the app store, choose the M&S app and click download

On Android, open the Play Store, choose the M&S app and click install


The M&S app is designed for convenient online shopping in the M&S store chain. This modern app has earned a high rating due to a number of conveniences and useful features.

Using the app, it is easy to sign up for the Marks & Spencer loyalty program. It is very easy to create a Sparks account and you can immediately start using the rewards system, receive exclusive offers.

The M&S app is:

  • A huge catalog of products (including M&S women's, men's and children's clothing, school uniforms, cosmetics and skincare, home goods, baskets, flowers, food and wine)
  • Great seasonal sales.
  • Scan & Shop feature (no need to wait in line at the cash register, with Scan & Shop you take items off the shelf and pay immediately. Works at M&S grocery stores. To pay for purchases up to a total of £45)
  • Free delivery on clothes, homewares or beauty products over £50 / €50
  • Free collection at your preferred store
  • Order history and tracking

Country (region):
United Kingdom and in 59 other countries


Description of Loyalty program:


Full term and condition:

Why sign up for the M&S Loyalty Program?

Signing up for the Sparks rewards program allows you to receive treats and exclusive offers. Exclusive offers are personalized and focused on the things you love. Rewards (treats) involve the chance to win free purchases each week, as well as a likely birthday gift.
A key feature of M&S's loyalty program is the ability to make a charitable donation with every purchase. Simply use your Sparks digital card with your purchase, and M&S will transfer the donation to the charity of your choice.

Where do I see treats from M&S?

Once you sign up with Sparks, you'll have your own account where you'll find all your treats. You can also sign up to receive Sparks marketing emails - you'll be notified right away when you receive a reward. You can also order an email every time a new treat comes in.

How do I get free shopping at M&S?

Once a week, every registered Sparks user has a chance to get all their purchases for free. The chance depends on how often you shop at this retailer. You'll only find out if you've won a free purchase at the checkout counter in the store or at checkout online.
A lucky transaction is chosen at random in every store and online every week.

The top prize of the Sparks loyalty program is a £1 gift card. This rare type of reward deserves special attention, so a member of the Sparks team will contact the holder of thousands of pounds worth of e-gift cards directly.

How to register at M&S Sparks?

All the benefits of Marks & Spencer's loyalty program are only available to registered users. All you need to register is your name, phone number and a valid email address. You'll also need an address with a zip code.

How do I sign up for the Sparks M&S program?

There are two ways to register - online and in the app.

Marks & Spencer has now discontinued issuing plastic cards. Therefore, registering for the system and issuing the card is most conveniently done in the M&S app.

The second option is to register on the official website. The link to the registration form can be found here


There are only 4 steps to complete registration. It does not take much time.


If something goes wrong while registering - contact our support service.


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