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The Marks & Spencer retail chain is pleased to offer its loyal customers a range of services, including full banking services. M&S Bank cards (credit and debit) give the right to participate in the M&S Credit Card Rewards program. Before using an M&S Bank card it must be activated. This is not difficult. This article describes the registration process at as well as the rules for participating in M&S Credit Card Rewards.

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M&S Credit Card Rewards and earning Spark

Official Loyalty Program pages:

Good news for M&S Bank cardholders! You will earn Sparks points for all transactions made with this card. The amount of rewards accumulates in your special rewards account. You can redeem the points and receive M&S vouchers once a quarter. Vouchers can be spent on purchases at Marks & Spencer branded stores online and in-store. Vouchers are typically mailed in February, May, August and November.

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Participation in M&S Club Rewards allows you to receive £240 worth of rewards! These rewards are earned over a year by members who spend more than £10 a month.

How to get an M&S voucher?

To receive a voucher, you need to accumulate at least 200 bonus points on your account.

Points are awarded for purchases made with the card. On redemption the points are calculated 1 point = £0,01

M&S Rewards Calculator


M&S Rewards Calculator

100 points = £1
200 points = £2
1,500 points = £15
3,000 points = £30
10,000 points = £100

How to activate your Credit Card in the M&S app

The M&S Credit Card can be easily activated through the M&S Banking App.

M&S Credit Card app


Download and install the M&S Banking App. It is recommended to use the latest version of the app.  Sign up for online banking.

Once this is done, you can activate the card:

- Select the “M&S Credit Card” account.
- Select “Manage cards”.
- Select “Activate Card” and follow the simple instructions.

activate the M&S Credit Card in the app


Application download links

Activate the M&S Credit Card with internet banking

If you need to activate M&S Credit Card you must register for online banking before you can activate your M&S Credit Card through online banking.

To activate the M&S Credit Card, log in to

M&S Credit Card Rewards


Step 1: On your “My Accounts” page in Internet Banking, select M&S Credit Card

Step 2: Click on “Activate my Credit Card” in the menu on the left hand side

Step 3: Enter your M&S Credit Card details and click “Submit”

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You will then see confirmation that your card has been activated.

How to activate the Marks and Spencer Chargecard or Budgetcard at the checkout

Activating the M&S Bank card is very simple.

1. Get an M&S Bank card - M&S Chargecard or Budgetcard

2. Activate your M&S Bank card at the M&S store when you make your first purchase. To do this, tell the employee at the checkout of your wish to activate the card.  

Problem with activation

If something went wrong during the activation process, do not despair. Try to solve the problem yourself by checking all the data and refreshing the registration page. If you still can't register, contact support.

M&S Support

We wrote about the Marks & Spencer Loyalty program earlier.

Registration page:

Full term and condition M&S Bank card

What is automated activation line Marks & Spencer Credit Card

The Marks & Spencer (M&S) automated activation line is a convenient service for customers who need to activate their M&S credit cards. This automated telephone system is designed to securely activate your credit card without the need to speak directly with a customer service representative, although that option is available if needed.

To use the automated activation line:

  1. Call the designated M&S activation phone number. This is often provided in the materials sent with your credit card or available on the M&S Bank website.
  2. You will be prompted to enter personal details to verify your identity, such as your M&S credit card number, your name, date of birth, and possibly other security details linked to your account.
  3. Follow the voice prompts to enter the required information using your phone's keypad.
  4. Once your information is verified and your card is activated, you will receive a confirmation message. Your card will be ready to use immediately.

The service is designed with security in mind, ensuring that only authorized users can activate the card. It’s a quick and efficient way to get your M&S credit card up and running, especially if you are eager to start using it for purchases and earning rewards.

Customers are reminded to be in a secure location when calling the automated activation line to ensure their personal details are kept confidential. Additionally, it's important to make sure that the contact details M&S Bank holds for you are up to date, as this information may be used during the activation process to verify your identity.

Marks & Spencer Credit Card Rewards Activation FAQs

Q1: How do I activate my M&S Credit Card? A1: To activate your M&S Credit Card, first need to register for internet banking if you haven't already done so. Once registered, you can activate your card online via the M&S website or through the M&S Banking App. Alternatively, you can use our automated activation line by calling us on 0333 014. Ensure you have your card number and personal details ready.

Q2: What if I've received a new or replacement M&S Bank Card? A2: If you’re an existing internet banking customer and you’ve received a new or replacement card, simply log in to your M&S Internet Banking or the M&S Banking App, navigate to the 'activate the card' section, and follow the prompts.

Q3: Can I activate my M&S Credit Card in store? A3: Yes, to activate your M&S credit card in store, visit any M&S store and let the customer service assistant at the till know you want to make a purchase and activate your card. They will be able to help, and you can use your card today.

Q4: Is it necessary to use the M&S Banking App to activate my card? A4: No, if you prefer or if your device does not support the latest version of the M&S Banking App, you can also activate your M&S Credit Card through internet banking or by using our automated activation line.

Q5: Are there benefits to activating my M&S Credit Card? A5: Absolutely, once you activate your M&S Credit Card, you'll be able to start earning Sparks points with every purchase, redeem vouchers, and enjoy other exclusive rewards. Simply scan your card at the checkout or enter the card number for online purchases to earn your rewards.

Q6: What should I do if I have an M&S Chargecard or Budgetcard? A6: The activation process for an M&S Chargecard or Budgetcard is similar. You’ll need to activate it in an M&S store the first time, or you can call our card support for guidance.

Q7: What if I'm not familiar with internet banking? A7: If you need to register for internet banking before you activate your M&S Bank Credit Card, our customer service team will be able to assist. Please make sure you’re ready to provide your contact details, including a phone number, to get started.

Q8: I've made my first purchase on my card; can I check my card balances online? A8: Yes, after your first purchase on your card, you can check your card balances by accessing internet banking or by using the M&S Banking App.

Q9: How do I update my personal details? A9: You can update your personal details by logging into app or internet banking, where you can also access our privacy policy for more information on how we handle your information.

Q10: What happens if I lose my card or it gets stolen? A10: If you need a replacement for a lost or stolen card, call us directly, and we’ll issue a new or replacement M&S Pass. Please check that your device has an up-to-date operating system to access our services without interruption.

Q11: Can I use my M&S Bank Card as a debit card? A11: Your M&S Bank Card is primarily a credit card; however, you can use it to perform transactions in-store and online where credit cards are accepted. Please check the brand logo on the card for network compatibility.

Q12: How do I process a refund to my M&S Credit Card? A12: If you need a refund, present the item along with the M&S credit card you used at checkout. Refunds up to £100 are typically processed immediately to your card.

Q13: Why do I need my M&S Credit Card in front of me when I call customer service? A13: Having your M&S Credit Card in front ensures you can provide the necessary card details and barcode information if we need to verify your account or assist with issues.

Q14: What if my Android device is not up-to-date for the M&S Banking App? A14: If the M&S Banking App is not working on your Android device, please check that your device's operating system is up to date. If you've already done this and it's still not recognised, let us know, and we’ll be able to help.

Q15: What are the spending limits for my first time using my M&S Credit Card? A15: The first time that you want to make a purchase with your M&S Credit Card, you may be subject to initial limits such as £10 or £25 until your card is fully activated and operational.

For more detailed instructions and information, please visit or contact M&S Card Support.

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