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Midcounties Co-operative is an independent division of Coop that makes participating in the Coop loyalty program even more convenient and modern. The main advantage of Midcounties is the Coop replacement card. Want to know how to get the card and sign up www.midcounties.coop/membership? Read our review.

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What is Midcounties Membership?

The Midcounties Co-operative offers its members exclusive terms and conditions that enhance the Coop's basic rewards program. The Midcounties idea echoes that of Coop and is that you don't just spend money on everyday items, but you also lead an active life as a concerned citizen and change the world for the better.

Read more about Coop's core mission and the features of the loyalty scheme in the articles:

Midcounties membership provides an opportunity to strengthen the impact of local community work, increase income for humanitarian foundations, and help community organizations with their projects. In other words, Midcounties Co-operative creates and promotes a new ethical retail identity.

Midcounties Membership Customer Service Department:

  • Official web page www.midcounties.coop/membership
  • Email member.communications@midcounties.coop
  • Phone 0800 435 902

Benefits of Midcounties Membership

  • Quick information about current exclusive offers
  • The best deals in the co-op
  • A report on your spending and its positive impact on your culture of life.
  • Extra rewards (from food to travel)
  • Less cost to participate in all special ventures
  • Easy and convenient funding for community initiatives

How to sign up for a Midcounties membership at www.midcounties.coop/membership

Midcounties offers its members cutting-edge ideas and technology in everything, including the enrollment process. Signing up for the program is easy – just download and install the Your Co-op Rewards app. It won't take you more than 10 minutes.

Your Co-op Rewards app

Your Co-op Rewards AppStore link

Your Co-op Rewards  GooglePlay link

coop.co.uk/membership app


Download and install the application by following the simple instructions.

After completing all the registration steps, you will receive a digital card. This card is immediately ready for use. You don't have to wait for the card to be made or skip the period required for activation. Just show your membership card in the Your Co-op store right from your smartphone and start receiving rewards right away.

How does Midcounties Membership work?

By becoming a Co-op member and Coop cardholder, you get several preferences at once.

  • First, you'll earn points when you make purchases at Coop stores. The points will be accumulated in your account. Later you can write off the points to pay for your purchases.
  • Secondly, each member can get an affiliate card to earn extra points. Whenever your partner uses our products and services, you will also earn points.
  • Thirdly, membership card discounts can be combined with other discounts, such as the NHS discount system.

Conveniently, the card itself can also be added to the app. That way you can see all the benefits of membership at once.

How to get a Coop Membership Replacement Card

The Replacement card is ordered on the page www.midcounties.coop/membership/replacement card

The card itself looks like this:

www midcounties coop membership replacementcard


A digital version of the card will be available on your smartphone after you install the app.

How to order a replacement card

If you lose or damage your card, you can order a new one. A form to replace your membership card can be found at this link: https://www.midcounties.coop/membership/membership-card/replacementcard/. Replacement is free of charge.

coop membership replacementcard form


Please note: This link is only used by existing members of Your Co-op to order a replacement membership card to replace a lost or damaged one.

Important: This form is not for initial registration and new memberships. The link for initial Co-op registration can be found here https://www.midcounties.coop/membership/membership-card/replacementcard/.

midcounties coop membership sign in


midcounties coop membership form


How to get a discount Midcounties Co-operative

Whenever you make a purchase, use your Midcounties Co-operative membership card. Please note that the discount cannot be retroactively credited – so be sure to show your card at the checkout or scan the barcode of the digital card in the app.

The membership card discount can be combined with any other discounts or coupons, including the enhanced NHS, NUS or Diamond Day employee discount (we've written about the NHS rewards program in our reviews).

This discount is valid through and including January 28, 2023.

How is the reward calculated?

The points you earn per pound varies depending on where you’re spending your money. Take a look at the table below:

Business Points
Co-op Food 1 point for every £1
Petrol Stations – Fuel 1 point for every £10 spent
Co-op Funeralcare 1 point for every £1
*Awarded only to the “client” (funeral payer)
Co-op Travel 1 point for every £2
*Awarded only to the lead name on the booking
Co-op Childcare 1 point for every £1
Co-op Pharmacy 1 point for every £1
*spent on non-prescription goods *minimum spend £2
Co-op Energy 1 point for every £2
The Phone Co-op 1 point for every £1 Excluding VAT

Discount for Midcounties club members: 10% discount on Fairtrade products

The discount applies to every Fairtrade product you purchase with the Fairtrade marks listed below, or their black and white versions

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