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Type of Loyalty program: supermarket, food

Type of purchasing: online, offline

Used by: Lidl international company (Schwarz Group). It is a well-known German supermarket chain. The first Lidl store opens in Germany 1973 in Ludwigshafen. Now Lidl has more than 4,500 supermarkets around the world. The retail chain for more than a year holds the leadership among retailers in terms of revenues in the euro area.


Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes

Type of medium: profile (account)

Rewards schemes: rewards point, discounts, coupons and specials

Additional perks: exclusive myLidl rewards game & win. Loyalty program games change every month.  

Type of membership: free

Type of card: no card

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: bonus, points other

Tiers: tiered. There are two tiers: super shopper and frequent shopper.



  • frequent shopper reward:
    • 40% off select fresh meat (limit 4)
  • super shopper reward:
  • $50 reward: 25% off select fruit
  • $100 reward: 35% off select paper goods
  • $150 reward: 40% off select snacks
  • $250 reward: 45% off select pasta & rice
  • $350 reward: 50% off select organic goods
  • $500 reward: 50% off select vegetables

Mobile version: yes

Apps: The MyLidl app is a very convenient tool for shopping. The main feature of the app is smart shopping lists. You can create shopping lists for a specific event, such as My Birthday, New Year's Eve party, dating anniversary, and so on. You can share and save these lists and use them as a template. This is very convenient.


The first time you sign up for the myLidl app, you're entitled to a gift: $5 off $30 reward.

The app also allows you to quickly find the right cooking recipes to suit your budget and mood.

You can also use the app to find the nearest store.

The loyalty program in the mobile app saves money and time:

  • Coupons are added directly to your account
  • Gifts, discounts and Lidl special offers are available to users.

The myLidl rewards app is free.


Available for download:
MyLidl at Google Play
MyLidl at App Store

Country (region): Germany, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, the Canary Islands, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Switzerland, Finland, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States etc.

Language: English, German and others

Description of Loyalty program: Lidl Customer Rewards Program allows you to receive rewards for your purchases. You need to register for the program, install the app and shop at Lidl, presenting the app at the checkout every time. Don't forget to scan the app or enter the phone number associated with your myLidl account at the checkout, otherwise rewards won't be credited to your account.

All rewards are valid until the 7th of the following month.

The tiers of the program depend on the number of purchases per month and their total amount. There are two tiers in total: 1. Super shopper, 2. Frequent shopper. Membership status is determined each month.

Benefits of myLidl:

  • play exclusive myLidl rewards game & win rewards
  • set “my store” to view product list, stock availability, prices and hours
  • receive 3% off every Lidl Home Delivery order placed through shopLidl or Shipt
  • FREE treat on your birthday
  • get a $5 off $30 reward for signing in to the app as a myLidl member for the first time
  • create personalized shopping lists you can share with friends & family
  • enable app notifications to receive updates on coupons and specials
  • select ingredients from our recipes to conveniently add to your shopping list
  • all eligible discounts will be automatically added to your account & applied to your purchase
  • receive email communication regarding product recalls

How to play myLidl rewards?

Any customer of the Lidl chainstores can receive rewards from the Lidl loyalty program. You need to download the myLidl app and sign in to your myLidl account. For the first registration of the myLidl app you are entitled to a gift!


Then you have to fulfill the requirements of the game. The games and rules change every month. Starting on the 1st of each month there will be new opportunities to win exciting rewards. After completing the next game challenge, you will be able to see your reward. The list of rewards can be viewed in the app under "Rewards and Coupons" or on the cashier screen. You can check your progress on each game at any time in the app or on the home page.

If you don't want to use the mobile app, you can check your rewards online in the "account" section at the top right of the site. Then click "my rewards" in the drop-down menu.


How to redeem myLidl reward?

The myLidl rewards you receive can be spent on your next purchase or saved for another time. Simply scan the app or enter the phone number associated with your myLidl account at the checkout to receive your reward.

Don't forget that all rewards have a limited validity period - unclaimed rewards will be reset on the 7th of each month.  myLidl  will send a reminder email 48 hours before your reward expires.

How to check my game status?

The only way to track your progress for myLidl rewards is in the app. This can be found on the "discover" screen of the app. Don't have the app? Visit the App Store on your mobile device and download myLidl.

Why need to register?

Customer needs to sign in or join the myLidl Loyalty Program to set a local store for a more personalized experience and specific product pricing in certain area. Also, registration is required for getting program benefits.

How to register myLidl Loyalty Program?

In order to register for the myLidl Loyalty Program, you need to enter your personal data into the system. There are three ways to do this:

1.Download and install the application. In this case registration coincides with the process of app installation. After installation you can enjoy all the benefits of the program.

2. Register to the program by logging into your account on Apple, Facebook, Google

3. Register for the program on the website. You can do this by filling out the registration form here:




Lidl gift card

A great gift is a prepaid Lidl gift card. To check the balance of a Lidl gift card visit You will need the card pin number to check your balance. To locate your pin, scratch off the grey area on the back of your card on the bottom right corner.

Lidl Home Delivery

Lidl Home Delivery can help you save a lot of time. With Lidl home delivery you can free up your schedule, spending less time shopping and more time living. Lidl Home Delivery help to get groceries in as soon as one hour.

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