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Do you like to read the press? Do you read The Daily Mail every day? Do you enjoy reading the morning news in a printed newspapers every day? Or maybe you prefer a digital subscription? Join the MyMail Rewards Club! Now, as you indulge in your daily news, you can also collect Nectar points. The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday have teamed up their loyalty programs with Britain's biggest retailer, Nectar, offering subscribers an enticing way to gather bonus points.

What is the MyMail club

MyMail is Britain's largest British newspaper loyalty club. Its official web page is

MyMail & Nectar for your profits

Since 2017, MyMail's loyalty program has become cross-branded, teaming up with Nectar. When you buy newspapers and subscribe, you receive Nectar points to your account. Given the cost of newspapers, you could argue that this is the cheapest way to earn free Nectar points.

Nectar Daily Mail Rewards


To benefit from this, you must register and set up your rewards account with the club. You must also have a Nectar loyalty registration (we wrote about how to get a Nectar card here). Nectar is the UK's most popular loyalty program – and it's free. Nectar account means the individual account associated with a particular user registered with Nectar. As a reminder, Nectar is part of Sainsbury's loyalty scheme, and includes Argos, British Airways, Esso, eBay and the Daily Mail Group, alongside many more of different brands. (Read more about Sainsbury's here). The Nectar Account will need to be linked to your MyMail account. We'll tell you how to do this below.

The accumulated points can be spent on purchases wherever the Nectar card is accepted. Many Nectar loyalty program partner websites and shops accept these points as payment for any product, so there is plenty of choice in how you spend your rewards. Visit for details of all Nectar partners and how to spend your points with them.

MyMail and Nectar: what reward will I receive?

Once you have registered for MyMail Online Rewards Club and linked your Nectar Account you can start earning points for newspapers. The loyalty program will be particularly beneficial for regular readers – the points will accrue quickly and the rewards will be noticeable.

The way to earn rewards is very straightforward. On the back page of the newspaper, you'll find a unique 12-digit number, which, when entered, gets you those precious points.

unique Nectar points number


By entering this unique code on the designated page of your MyMail account, the corresponding rewards are instantly credited to your Nectar card.

Rewards for Ultimate or Premium Pack subscribers

5 Nectar points for each unique number from Monday to Sunday.

Rewards for subscribers of The Mail+

There are no unique numbers in The Mail+ subscription. That's why your account gets 150 Nectar points every month.  The accrual runs until the 21st of the following month as long as your subscription is active.

New subscription plans The Mail+ you can find here

New subscription plans The Mail+


Rewards for non-subscribers

Here Nectar points will be credited to your account every time you enter your unique number: 5 Nectar points from Monday to Friday.

Calculating the benefit of the reward

Well, let's calculate how much you can earn by buying Daily Mail newspapers.

Number of points per week

If you read the newspaper every day, you'll earn 80 Nectar points each week:

1 Daily Mail newspaper (on a weekday) = 5 Nectar points. 5x5=25 Nectar points per week.

+ 1 Daily Mail newspaper (on Saturday) = 10 Nectar points.

+ 1 Mail on Sunday newspaper = 15 Nectar points.

+ When you buy 5 newspapers or more in one week, MyMail gives 30 Nectar points in addition.

Nectar Daily Mail Rewards points


Number of points per month

You could earn between 260 and 350 per month, depending on the number of days.

Number of points per year

In total, you can earn over 3,500 points to redeem each year. That's £17.50 if you cash out for a purchase.

Not a lot in a year, but not a little either. Not a bad reward, well, especially if you already buy newspapers every day.

The good thing about the loyalty scheme is that Daily Mail points are not subject to a time limit. The points can be deducted in any amount, so you can save them for Christmas, for example, rather than spending them immediately.

Important: Although points don't have an expiry date, if you don't use your Daily Mail account for more than twelve months, your account will close and your accumulated points will be lost.

Nectar points are worth:

  • 50 Nectar points are worth £0.25
  • 100 Nectar points are worth 50p
  • 200 points are worth £1.00
  • 300 points are worth £1.50
  • 1000 points are worth £5.00

Please note that 'Newspapers' refers only to the Daily Mail or The Mail on Sunday and their supplementary editions and magazines. But! Newspapers bought abroad (including in the Republic of Ireland) and unpaid copies are not covered by the rewards scheme!

Daily Mail Nectar points: are they worth it?

Let's calculate whether the Daily Mail Nectar bounty is worth messing with if you're not much of a newspaper reader. Of course, buying a newspaper just for the sake of a reward is a fool's errand. Let's look at the calculation of your costs and profits from the reward.

1 Daily Mail newspaper (weekday) = 80p. 5 x 80p = £4 a week.

+ 1 Daily Mail newspaper (Saturday) = £1.20.

+ 1 Mail on Sunday newspaper = £1.90.

So your expenditure on newspapers will be £7.10 per week.

The maximum number of Nectar points you can get in a week by buying the Daily Mail is 80 points.

1 Nectar point is worth £0.01.

That means your reward for the week will be 40p.

So you need to spend £7.10 to get 40p back. Think about it.

Our conclusion is that this bounty system will only benefit loyal readers and subscribers. In that case the rewards are a nice perk. If you have to buy newspapers just to participate in the loyalty scheme, then the direct benefit is questionable.

Where can I get the Free Daily Mail Newspaper?

Here's a little tip – you can get the Daily Mail newspaper for free. But you have to be a registered member of another loyalty scheme, Waitrose (we've already written about the Waitrose rewards scheme here). Waitrose often run promotions on various newspapers: for example, you can get the Daily Mail for free on purchases over £10. To get a free copy of the Daily Mail show your MyWaitrose card at checkout (we wrote about how to get a MyWaitrose card here). If you shop at Waitrose often, this is a way to get extra points that you shouldn't miss out on. It really will save you money.

How can I increase my Nectar Daily Mail Rewards points?

If you're looking to get the most out of your Daily Mail Rewards loyalty scheme, then try taking part in the competitions that are often run amongst registered users. Another good way to increase your benefits is to bundle other rewards schemes together with the Daily Mail Rewards scheme. For example, you could link your card to eBay and ASOS accounts to earn extra points when you shop at these shops.

There are plenty of other places where you can redeem Nectar points more profitably than at Sainsberry's. Keep an eye out for promotions. The Sky Store, for example, is offering to redeem points for movies, while eBay offers 500 points for £5.00 on certain items.

Another way to increase those points is with the Nectar App. According to their site, you can earn three times more, using their Nectar app which is free to download.

How to earn Nectar points with My Mail rewards club

So, if the MyMail rewards club loyalty program is right for you, here's what you need to do to start collecting points.

1. Get your Nectar card ready. If you don't have a Nectar card, register with Nectar and get a digital card, it's quick and easy.

2. Sign up for a My Mail account.

3. Link your Nectar account to your My Mail account. You'll need your Nectar card's 11-digit number and your Nectar password to do this.

4. Buy a copy of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday. Read the paper all the way through (just kidding, you don't have to).

5. Find the unique number printed on the bottom of the last page.

6. Enter this number into your My Mail account.

Done. Next time you buy a newspaper, remember to enter the unique number. Points will accumulate.

Please note this is important! You only have four days to use your unique number. Look at the date the newspaper was published – the unique number expires on the fourth day.

Other ways to earn Nectar points: MyMail Shop

An additional 2 Nectar points are awarded on MyMail Shop purchases.

In addition, MyMail offers an exclusive 20% discount on items from the Mail Shop categories:

  • Books & Magazines
  • Home & Garden
  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Plants
  • Beds & Mattresses

When shopping through the Daily Mail online store, you can earn six points for every £1 that you spend.

The MailShop also offers the chance to earn cashback on any purchase. You'll need to set up an account with Quidco or TopCashBack or, better still, both sites. On both of these sites you can use bonus cashback credits to buy many different products, from cosmetics to food and everything in between.

How to sign up for MyMail Rewards Club

Now let's run through the MyMail Rewards Club registration rules in more detail. There's nothing complicated here, but you need to fill in your details carefully.

Step 1: Join the MyMail Rewards Club

You have to fill in an application form to join the club. Head over to Join MyMail.

It only takes a few minutes to register.

Click New Client. Pass the captcha check.

Registering Daily Mail Rewards Club


Then the questionnaire opens. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Create password
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Contact preferences for special offers
application form to join the MyMail club


You will receive a welcome email after you have filled in your details. Done.

Step. 2 Linking your MyMail account to your Nectar card

Have your Nectar card ready. Open the page and select 'Yes' – I have a Nectar card. You will then be redirected to your Nectar account, where you will need to enter your card number and password.

nectar linking to MyMail


link Nectar to MyMail club


Done. You can start collecting points.

Daily Mail Rewards Club: how to enter unique numbers and login

To enter your unique Nectar points number, log into your MyMail account.

The login is at the top right-hand corner of the page

Select the box on the right. Log in to your MyMail account.

www mymail co uk enter unique number


At the top of the page you will see – Enter unique number. Enter the number from the newspaper.

Done. Nectar points will be credited immediately.

By the way if you have a missing unique number in your paper or it is illegibly spelled (e.g. your dog chewed the paper or you spilled your coffee) then don't worry, you can still get points. Select the Missing a Unique Number. Then enter the date of the paper and answer a couple of questions about the paper you bought and your points will be credited to your account.   

Support and contacts

The Daily Mail Rewards Club loyalty scheme's full terms and conditions are published here:

Terms and Conditions

If anything goes wrong with the registration process, you can always contact support.

Customer Service:

Help number: 0800 083 5000

Final Words

Earning Nectar points with Daily Mail is a cinch. As an added advantage, the rewards site often has contests and promotions, allowing readers to collect more Nectar points or even earn extra Nectar points.

Remember, the mail rewards unique numbers on the back of the Daily Mail are your ticket to these rewards. Becoming part of the rewards is a great way to appreciate and reward your loyalty to the Daily Mail. Happy Reading!

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