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Type of Loyalty program: healthcare (Health Service Discounts)


Type of purchasing: online, offline (NHS discounts are mainly claimed online. You can receive NHS discounts in-store at participating retailers when you present your NHS ID card)

Used by: Network Digital Marketing Ltd.

Model of Loyalty program: savings

Type of medium: profile

Rewards schemes: discount

Additional perks: e-vouchers, pre-paid discounted gift cards. Health Service Cinema Tickets (Cinema Tickets account https://cinemasocietyclub.com/contact)

Type of membership: free for the asking

Type of card: no card

Program validity period: unlimited

Tiers: no

Mobile version: yes

Apps: SPREE card app.
Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/spree-card/id1289659891
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sodexo.brsuk.spree&hl=en_GB&gl=US


Country (region): United Kingdom

Language: English

Description of Loyalty program:

Page: https://healthservicediscounts.com

Full term and condition: https://healthservicediscounts.com/legal

Many retailers and companies in UK offer special discounts for NHS employees and health care professionals. The discount includes hundreds of brands and the best deals, including 10% off at Asda, 20% off at McDonald's and Nando's, up to 40% off breakage insurance, and more. The NHS discount you can get varies from retailer to retailer, usually around 20%, but some generous brands provide discounts of up to 50%.  You can join this service for free and use it for free.


The NHS discount applies to areas of goods and services such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Marketplaces
  • Travel and leisure
  • Fashionable clothes
  • Electrical goods and household goods
  • Cell phones
  • Utilities
  • and more

Which stores support the NHS discount system?

There are more than 1,300 brands and stores that offer discounts through the NHS discount program. And the number of partners is growing all the time. Read Which retailers give NHS discounts on our website.

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How do I redeem an NHS discount?

When planning your shopping, try to save your budget and look for the items you need at stores that partner with the NHS discounts program. There are two options for getting a discount - online and in-store.


How do I redeem an NHS discount online?

Once you find the offer you want to use, click on the 'Get Deal' button. The 'Get Deal' button will take you directly to the brand's website to make a purchase, and the prices listed will include the discount.  If the offer requires a discount code, click on the 'Get Code' button and a voucher code will come to you in the email you provided when you registered for the system. Of course, in order to use the discount you must be registered in the system. It is not difficult - the registration form on the website healthservicediscounts.com is very simple. Below we will return to the registration procedure.

So, once you get the code, just copy it and enter it at checkout. Done.

How do I redeem an NHS discount in-store?

Printed vouchers and electronic vouchers can be obtained to take advantage of the discount directly from the store. All information is contained in the terms and conditions on the page of each offer. You can receive NHS discounts in-store at participating retailers when you present your NHS ID card.

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How to register NHS discounts?

To access NHS discounts you have to sign up on webpage healthservicediscounts.com/register-1. You should go to registration form and enter the data requested on screen.



Health Service Discounts Ode Card. It is FREE for 1st year, only £2.99 annual charge taken from balance. The Ode card from Health Service Discounts is an additional benefit offered to members NHS discounts systems. The Ode card is a prepaid VISA card that allows to shop online or in-store, just like a regular contactless debit card. With the Ode card, you can earn up to 12% cashback when shopping at qualifying retailers.




Health Service Discounts Help & Advice www.healthservicediscounts.com/help-and-advice

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