Ocado Smart Pass: how to register and login

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Ocado (Ocado Retail Limited) is a large British online grocery and convenience store. Marks & Spencer owns part of the rights to the brand (we wrote about Marks & Spencer).

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Does Ocado have a loyalty card?

Ocado does not have the usual loyalty programme linked to bonus cards and points for purchases. But Ocado offers loyal customers a subscription to bargain shopping with free delivery. The subscription is called Smart Pass.

Ocado Smart Pass


What is Smart Pass from Ocado?

Smart Pass membership allows you to get some benefit when you shop regularly at Ocado.

The benefits of Smart Pass are as follows:

  • Savings of up to 10% on your purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Personalised discounts and offers
  • Participation in sales
  • Timely information about bargains
  • Free gifts and samples

The benefits also include priority access to Christmas deliveries, although during this period (December 20-24) free delivery will be cancelled.

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The main trump card of the Smart Pass loyalty programme can be considered gifts, which are randomly given to programme members.

What Smart Pass schemes are available?

There are two types of Smart Pass loyalty programme:

  • Anytime
  • Midweek

There are three Anytime Smart Pass subscription options:

  • a monthly plan for £8.99
  • six months for £49.99
  • One year for £89.99

Delivery in these options is free, seven days a week.

The Midweek plan offers free delivery only from Tuesday to Thursday.

  • monthly for £3.99
  • six months for £22.49
  • one year for £39.99

Either scheme will give access to exclusive Ocado discounts and priority booking for the busy Christmas period.

All information is here

In order to take advantage of the Ocado Smart Pass programme, you need to register with the system.

How to register My Smart Pass membership

Registering with Ocado is very easy. Go to the homepage of www.ocado.com and click "register" in the top right corner.

Ocado login register


On the form that opens, fill in the fields. Enter your name, email address, zip code (you will need it to determine the delivery zone). Enter a password.

Ocado How to register


An email will be sent to the specified email box. Done. You can start shopping.

Next, you can choose a payment plan and subscribe to it. If you choose monthly payment in Anytime and Midweek formats you will get 1 free month.

My Smart Pass


To subscribe, you'll need to fill out another form - provide your phone number and address. You will also need to link your bank card.

Ocado How to register My Smart Pass


Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed. You will receive an email before your account is charged, telling you that your subscription is expired.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can do this by sending a message through the contact form.


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