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PBIS Rewards is a Software-as-a-Service solution system for rewarding positive behavior in a student environment. Some rewards are available to registered users, both students and teachers, for successful learning and work. To take advantage of the rewards, you need to log in. There is a separate account login for students. Need help with your PBIS Rewards student login? Read our instructions.

pbis rewards log in


What are PBIS Rewards?

PBIS Rewards is a new way of organizing a safe learning environment based on state-of-the-art software (Software-as-a-Service). PBIS's school-wide automated management simplifies formal student-student and teacher-student interaction, and allows administrators to manage problems in a new way. In addition, students' parents also have access to the system, making the overall system transparent and understandable to all.

The main goal of PBIS Rewards is to create a positive climate and culture of mutual respect in schools and universities. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.

PBIS Rewards is easy for students to use. Registration is required to use the system.

We wrote more about it on our PBIS Rewards page

How does student log in to PBIS Rewards at www.pbisrewards/login

The main thing to remember is that PBIS Rewards has a separate login point for students.

To log in, go to https://www.pbisrewards.com/login/

PBIS Rewards student login link


Select the "for students" button

pbis rewards log in code


A login window will open. You can log in with a code that your teacher has to give you.

PBIS Rewards log in with a code



If you haven't already registered, the registration form can be found here.

pbis rewards login registration


How else can student login into PBIS Rewards?

PBIS Rewards can be accessed through your ClassLink, Clever account. PBIS Rewards supports SSO through integration with Clever and ClassLink. You can access and login to PBIS Rewards with a single click if you are logged into Clever or ClassLink's Launchpad.

Clever login into PBIS Rewards


PBIS Rewards Student App

PBIS Rewards student app

App link on Google Play

PBIS Rewards Student is the student portal to PBIS Rewards. Students can use the app to see how they are doing and find out what awards are available as they continue to make progress through the school's PBIS Rewards program. The PBIS Rewards package includes the PBIS Rewards Staff app (for teachers and administrators), the PBIS Rewards app for students, and the PBIS Rewards app for parents.


The link to download and install the application is also available from the platform Clever PBIS Rewards Student App

What PBIS Rewards are available to students?

A digital token is the basis of PBIS Rewards. The advantage of tokens is that they cannot be lost or counterfeited and cannot be stolen. The balance of reward points is tied to the student's individual number.

Points are awarded instantly if the student completes the assigned tasks. Consistent work on school tasks allows you to accumulate the amount of reward points in your account.

What can I spend my PBIS Rewards points on?

Reward points can be spent on purchases in the school store and at special events. Points are automatically deducted when you participate in lotteries.

PBIS Rewards login for teachers

PBIS Rewards has a separate Workplace Rewards for Teachers (Teacher Rewards) module. This rewards system allows you to earn bonus points for your services to teaching.

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