POINTS REWARDS PLUS: Kroger Loyalty program

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Type of Loyalty program: gaming service, supermarket.   

Type of purchasing: online

Used by: Kroger Co.


Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes. POINTS REWARDS PLUS is a loyalty program offered by Kroger, one of the largest grocery chains in the United States. This is a customer-engagement program that offers some experience for gamers who shop at Kroger Co. stores. This rewards program is designed to appeal to gamers who are interested in video gaming, and it offers a unique shopping experience that includes rewards, prizes, and exclusive gaming content.


Type of medium: account

Rewards schemes:The program is designed to create an immersive shopping experience that makes every visit to Kroger family of stores more enjoyable and rewarding. By enrolling in POINTS REWARDS PLUS, gamers can access a wide range of benefits, including exclusive discounts, special offers, grocery savings, and personalized rewards. These rewards can be redeemed for exciting prizes that are carefully selected to appeal to gaming enthusiasts. 


POINTS REWARDS PLUS also offers exclusive gaming content (video games, downloadable content, gamer accessory, gaming gift cards) that cannot be found anywhere else. This content is carefully curated to ensure that gamers have access to the latest games, reviews, and previews, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the world of gaming.


Type of membership: free for the asking. To join, an individual needs a valid Plus Card.

Type of card: no card

Program validity period: The POINTS REWARDS PLUS initiative is set to continue until January 2, 2024, featuring a range of enticing rewards that are frequently updated, while the list of participating products is regularly refreshed. Please note that the program will experience a brief hiatus from July 1 to August 15, 2023.

Rewards points: Rewards Points (redeem for gamer-favorite rewards)

Tiers: no

Apps: Kroger

Country (region): US, other countries

Language: English

Kroger Points Rewards Plus

Page www.pointsrewardsplus.com

Terms and Conditions https://www.pointsrewardsplus.com/terms

The POINTS REWARDS PLUS program is an innovative customer-engagement initiative that provides an exciting and interactive shopping experience for gamers who frequent Kroger Co. stores. This rewards program is specifically tailored to appeal to video gaming enthusiasts and offers an unmatched shopping experience that comprises of exclusive gaming content, prizes, and rewards.

How to earn and redeem Rewards Points?

To acquire Rewards Points, individuals must purchase participating partners' products at their preferred Kroger Co. stores or through Kroger.com utilizing their Plus Card during the Qualifying Periods.

The accumulation of purchases is automatic, and when the $40 threshold of purchasing participating products with the Plus Card during a Qualifying Period is attained, a single Pin Code will be granted to the purchaser either through email or printout at checkout.

To claim the Rewards Points, the customer must log in to their personal Member account on the POINTS REWARDS PLUS website (www.pointsrewardsplus.com) and enter the Pin Code.

The Rewards Points can then be redeemed for the most sought-after Rewards by visiting www.pointsrewardsplus.com/rewards.

Who can participate POINTS REWARDS PLUS?

Individuals who are eighteen years of age or older and legal residents physically present in United States with a valid government-issued identification from their state of residency and a valid Plus Card may participate in POINTS REWARDS PLUS. To join, an individual needs a valid Plus Card.

If a customer doesn't have an account, they can create one by following this link: www.kroger.com/account/create.





Kroger Gift Cards



What are Kroger Fuel Points?

Kroger Fuel Points The program allows customers to earn points for every dollar they spend on qualifying purchases at Kroger stores. These points can then be redeemed at Kroger partner fuel stations to save money on gas purchases.


How to Earn Kroger Fuel Points

There are several ways to start earning Kroger Fuel Points. The most common way is by shopping at Kroger stores and using your Kroger Plus Card. For every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, you'll earn one fuel point. You can also earn bonus fuel points by purchasing certain products that are marked with a special tag in-store or online.

Another way to earn Kroger Fuel Points is by using Kroger's digital coupons. These coupons can be loaded onto your Kroger Plus Card and redeemed at checkout. For every digital coupon you redeem, you'll earn two fuel points.

Kroger also offers periodic fuel rewards promotions that allow you to earn bonus fuel points. For example, you may be able to earn 4x fuel points on gift card purchases during certain times of the year.

How to shop participating brands at POINTS REWARDS PLUS Kroger Co. stores.

To shop participating brands at POINTS REWARDS PLUS Kroger Co. stores and earn rewards points, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for POINTS REWARDS PLUS: If you haven't already, sign up for the POINTS REWARDS PLUS program, which you can typically do online on the Kroger Co. website or in-store.
  2. Locate Participating Brands: Look for information on participating brands either online on the Kroger website, through promotional emails, or in-store displays.
  3. Visit Kroger Co. Stores: Head to your nearest Kroger Co. store. Remember, the program may be available across different Kroger Co. family stores.
  4. Shop and Scan: While shopping, choose items from the participating brands. When checking out, ensure to scan your POINTS REWARDS PLUS card or use the phone number associated with your account to earn points.
  5. Track Your Points: Keep track of the points you earn. This can often be done through the store's mobile app or online account management.
  6. Redeem Rewards: Once you've earned enough points, redeem them for discounts, gift cards, or other eligible items as specified by the program.

Remember to check the program’s terms and conditions for any specific rules or restrictions that may apply.


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