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PowerupPoints.com is a highly popular platform that enables users to play games online and earn exciting rewards. The site claims to help users redeem their game points for a variety of benefits, including shopping online. The website is registered in the United States and serves global gamers and shoppers alike. The site allows Plus Cardholders to participate in its reward program, earning gift coupons or game content by spending on groceries and other Kroger products.



As the world of gaming continues to grow, it is not surprising that retailers are taking notice of the increasing number of gamers. The Kroger Co., a leading retail company, has come up with a new customer-engagement program that caters specifically to gamers. POINTS REWARDS PLUS is a video gaming themed rewards program that offers great rewards when you buy your favorite groceries and other products at Kroger Co. stores.


How does it work?

PowerupPoints.com is an online store that offers a game-themed customer loyalty reward program on www.pointsrewardsplus.com, promising exciting rewards and points for customers who shop online at Kroger.co. Anyone in the United States with a valid Plus card can participate in the reward program and receive exciting rewards. To qualify, participants must use their Plus Card to purchase products from participating partners during the qualifying period at Kroger.co.


Earning points on PowerupPoints.com is a great way to accumulate rewards, and once a user reaches $30 in points, they will receive a PIN that can be used to redeem their favorite rewards on the website.

Purchases made with the Plus Card earn points, and there is a premium membership available that doubles the benefits. The website has a social media presence, but it is not functional. The site also does not offer an email newsletter, but members can sign up for one. Redeemable pins come with a 30-day expiry time, and owner details are not provided on the site.

What is POWER UP POINTS Rewards?

Earn Rewards Points and redeem them for gamer-favorite Rewards such as:

  • digital video games
  • Xbox gift cards
  • PlayStation gift cards
  • Nintendo gift cards
  • downloadable content
  • Apple gift cards
  • Google Play gift cards
  • Grocery Savings,
  • Fuel Points
  • charity donations


PowerupPoints.com has a email support at customerservice@poweruppoints.com, a contact number at +833 638 3490.

Although the site is registered in the United States, it caters to gamers and shoppers around the world. Plus Cardholders can participate in the reward program and earn points simply by spending on groceries and other Kroger products.

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