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Type of Loyalty program: cashback service.  Quidco is a popular English cashback service, which works according to the classic cashback scheme for purchases at online stores. The site is designed for purchases at Debenhams, Asos, Amazon, Hotels, Treinline, eBay, JustEat, M&S, Amazon, Boots, Argos, Wickes, ASOS and 5000+ others. Quidco offers the highest percentage of returns from UK stores.

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Type of purchasing: online

Used by: Quidco site was founded in 2005 (the site was launched in 2005), founded by Paul and Jennifer Nikkel.

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Model of Loyalty program: cashback schemes

Type of medium: account at www.Quidco.com. Registration is required. Registration is free.

Rewards schemes: Registered users of the Quidco service can receive cashback for purchases at online stores, as well as online payments for auto insurance, utility bills, and even family vacations. The amount of the cashback depends on the store and on the user level (basic or premium).

Type of membership: free for the asking for a basic account level, 5 pounds per year for a premium account.

Type of card: no card

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: pounds sterling. Withdrawals from £1 to a bank account (for UK residents) or to a PayPal account

Tiers: Two levels:

  • Basic Account
  • Premium account

The Premium account entitles you to a higher percentage refund, but you have to pay a subscription fee to use it. It's quite modest, only £5, and is taken once a year from the user's account.


Quidco: Cashback and Vouchers

quidco app


The app has very good reviews, as does the service as a whole. Downloading and installing is free.

Links to download the application:

The Quidco: Cashback and Vouchers app allows you to save money on online purchases.

  • Discounts
  • Vouchers
  • Special Offers
  • Cashback

Installing the app will give you access to all the features of the Quidco service.

There's an affiliate reward: If your friend or acquaintance downloads the app using your link you'll get £10, and so will your friend.

Country (region): UK, other countries

Language: English

Cashback program Quidco UK

Page: www.Quidco.com

Quidco allows you to receive guaranteed rewards on purchases at online stores (Debenhams, Asos, Amazon, Hotels, Treinline and others, see here for a full list of stores). Quidco currently offers the highest percentage of returns (up to 20%). The service offers savings on purchases such as necessities, supermarket groceries, and high-tech gadgets. Cashback is also available for fashion purchases, life, health, and auto insurance, utility bills, and even family vacations.

The name of the service comes from the acronym QUID – slang for "one pound sterling."

The Quidco service is available online, from the official website quidco.com. The site has a simple and clear structure. You can use the service immediately after registration.

In the settings it is possible to choose a basic or premium account. The Premium account entitles you to a higher percentage refund, but you have to pay a subscription fee to use it. It's quite modest, only £5, and is taken once a year from the user's account.

Quidco's money payout rules

The minimum payout threshold is £1. Withdrawals can be made by choice – on request or automatically at set intervals. Withdrawal is possible in three ways: by transfer to a bank account (only for residents of the UK) to Pay Pal account by providing an Amazon gift certificate.

The mechanism of refund is simple and clear to the user. On the page of the online store to choose your favorite offer with a discount. Get acquainted with the terms of the cashback in the window "see all cashback rates". Then go to Quidco by closing the page of the store. Go to the store must be through a link from Quidco. Next, we make the purchase as usual, and make the payment. After the seller has confirmed the order and payment, the cashback is credited. A few days later you go to your personal cabinet, and the amount of the refund is already on the user's account.

Quidco.com: Pros and Cons


  • High % of returns, which for some stores reaches 18%-20%.
  • Low minimum threshold of possible withdrawal
  • There are the most popular stores in the system
  • Additional discount of $ 5 for the first order
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Wide range of personal settings


  • Quidco service is an English portal, for users from other countries withdrawal to a bank card is not available
  • possible conflict with the anti-virus that is installed in the system
  • for technical reasons sometimes technical support is not available

www.quidco.com sign in (registration)

To start using the service, you need to register on the site. It is not difficult and does not require any payment. Go to quidco.com.

www.quidco.com registration


Then click on JOIN FREE in the top menu and enter the following data:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Confirm email
  • Password

Fill in the Postcode box only if you are a British citizen.

quidco registration form


Please note that you can register your Quidco account through your Facebook account.

After registering you get £2.50 as a gift.

Read how to set additional features and customize your account on the page My Quidco log in


Quidco Amazon gift certificate

AMAZON UK vouchers (Amazon gift certificate) – can be used to pay on the site. Cashback withdrawal to gift cards is convenient for non-residents of the UK.


  • Phone +44 114 399 6879
  • Customer service 80 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL
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Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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