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Type of Loyalty program:food, fuel

Type of purchasing:Online, offline

Used by:Rofo Rewards is a loyalty program offered by The Royal Farms Kitchen (Since 1959), a convenience store chain primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.


Model of Loyalty program:
The program Rofo Rewards allows customers to earn points for purchases made at Royal Farms stores, which can then be redeemed for various rewards such as free food, drinks, fuel and merchandise.

To participate in Rofo Rewards, customers can sign up for a free account either in-store or online. Once enrolled, they can earn points by scanning their Rofo Rewards card or entering their phone number at the time of purchase. Points are earned based on the amount spent, with two points awarded for every dollar spent and one point for every gallon of gas you purchase.


In addition to earning points for purchases, Rofo Rewards members can also receive exclusive offers and discounts, such as free coffee on certain days of the week or discounts on gasoline purchases. Members can track their points and rewards progress through the Rofo Rewards website or mobile app.

Type of medium:card (until 2022),account (app)

Rofo Rewards, the popular rewards program, recently underwent a major overhaul, launching a new app and updated rewards program on May 10th, 2022. To ensure continued access to the program, all Rofo Rewards cardholders are required to verify their accounts by selecting the "verify and transfer points" option, available both on the web and within the app. This crucial step must be completed before users can continue to use the app or card.


But that's not all - Rofo Rewards is also offering an exciting incentive for existing members who complete the verification process. Once verified, 100 Royalty Points will be added to their account, along with a free small western fry. This offer is exclusively available to those who have been part of the program prior to the update.


Rewards schemes: rewards point, fuel discount.

Additional perks:
Birthday Rewards. Rofo Rewards members will receive a free 2-piece dark, white, or tender meal on their birthday, and the meal will be added to their account the day before their birthday. Members will have 30 days to redeem the offer.

Type of membership: free for the asking

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: points. Points expire after 365 days. Once users verify their account, all points will transfer over, and members will have 365 days to use these points.

Tiers:There are four tiers in the rewards points system.

Tier 1: 50 points. Redeemable for a 500 ML Royal Farms bottled water, a small Western Fry, a fountain beverage, or a coffee.

Tier 2: 125 points. Redeemable for a Ham, Egg, and Cheese sandwich, a pudding parfait, a 6-oz portion of chicken salad, or a small Macaroni and Cheese side.

Tier 3: 250 points. Redeemable for a 2-piece tender meal, 2-piece white meal, 2-piece dark meal, or a World-Famous pulled chicken sandwich.

Tier 4: 400 points. Redeemable for an 8-piece dark or mixed assortment, an 8-piece tender, a 10-piece dark, or a 50-piece Western Fry.



The Royal Farms ROFO Rewards App can be obtained from the Apple and Google Play stores by downloading it via the following links: Appleand Google Play.

Once you have obtained the app, you can register your Rofo Rewards account either through a physical or digital card. In order to upgrade your card to Rofo Pay, which entitles you to a fuel discount, you need to access your account and change your digital card to a physical card. You can also go to to register your physical card.

Royal Farms ROFO Rewards App is your new go-to destination for earning points and redeeming them for popular World-Famous fried chicken (and other customer favorites).


Here are some of the app's noteworthy features:

  • Upon signing up, new members receive a free any size coffee.
  • In-store, you can earn 2 Royalty Points for every dollar spent.
  • You can order ahead for pickup and delivery, earning 2 Royalty Points per dollar spent.
  • At the pumps, you can earn 1 point per gallon spent.
  • You can redeem your Royalty Points for any of our 16 most popular food and drink items.
  • Upgrade to ROFOPay and enjoy savings of up to 10 cents per gallon.
  • Find a nearby Royal Farms location.
  • Get special free offers throughout the year for your favorite items.

Country (region):USA


Description of Loyalty program:

How Does Rofo Rewards Work?

As a member of Rofo Rewards, you can earn points every time you spend money at Royal Farms. You'll receive 2 points for every dollar spent, including mobile orders, and 1 point for every gallon of fuel purchased.

Redeeming your points has never been easier thanks to new 4-tier reward point system. With this system, you can easily access a range of good rewards.

How long does it take to become active after registration?

Becoming an active member after registration usually takes up to three business days. During this time, ROFO will validate the information you provided, and you may be required to provide additional details. If approved, you'll receive an email notification with activation instructions. One of these steps includes verifying your payment details by confirming two small test transactions that we post to your account.

How to check Rofo Rewards balance?

Checking your Rofo Rewards balance is easy. You can download mobile app and track your points and rewards in real-time on the home screen. Alternatively, you can sign in to your account using our website.



Upgrade for ROFOPay

By updating your card to ROFOPay, you can enjoy an exclusive gasoline discount when paying with your RoFo Rewards card, except for the New Jersey branch. ROFOPay, a secure and efficient payment method, is one of the many perks of our Rofo Rewards initiative. Once you upgrade your Rofo Rewards membership to ROFOPay, every member can take advantage of up to a $0.10 discount per gallon on fuel.

When enrolling in the payment program, identity verification requires the last four digits of your social security number, along with other personal details provided during the registration process. The social security digits are used to protect your account against fraudulent activity, along with an account security question. Company values your data's security and ensures its confidentiality by not sharing or disclosing any information to a third party, except for relevant information to the participating merchant. Additionally, we safeguard your enrollment data in our secure database servers. Your information is encrypted upon enrollment submission to ensure its confidentiality.


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