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Type of Loyalty program: fuel station


Type of purchasing: offline

Used by: Royal Dutch Shell. The global Shell concern has launched its own Shell CLUBSMART loyalty program, aimed at attracting attention from customers. This loyalty program has been successfully operating in 21 countries of the world and unites millions of participants.


Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes

Type of medium: card, profile (account).


Rewards schemes: rewards point (bonus)

Additional perks: Additional points can be obtained when purchasing from partners of the Shell Group, the list of partner companies is available on the official website of the company. For example, by booking a hotel on the largest aggregator, a member of Shell ClubSmart loyalty program can get 5 points for each euro when paying for the reservation. Please note that the Loyalty Card number entry field is only available after you go to via a special link from or from the Shell mobile application, which allows you to recognize a Shell ClubSmart Member and credit points to the Card. The link can be found in the Promotion Terms and Conditions on the official website.


Type of membership: for free

Type of card:  barcode card

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: points, redeemed on Shell branded gifts. Points = gifts.

Tiers: no

Mobile version: yes.  

Apps: Customers can download the app to get digital card. With app customers can use any of payment methods when paying for fuel by phone via Pay at Pump. Also they can use PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Checkout and add most debit/credit cards directly to the app. To do this, customer should go to the profile section on the app and select payment methods. 


Country (region): Shell ClubSmart Card loyalty program works in some countries where the Royal Dutch Shell operates.  It presents in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia and other countries. In the UK, Shell’s loyalty program is different (Shell Go+).


Language: Multilanguage.

Description of Loyalty program:

Shell ClubSmart Card

Shell ClubSmart is a customer reward program for Shell’s world-renowned fuel network. Regular customers of the company are invited to become participants in a specially designed loyalty program. According to the terms of this program, a buyer of Shell fuel receives a discount card that allows them to use discounts, as well as to accumulate bonuses and exchange them for company prizes.
Of course, to use the card, it must be registered and activated.

Media representation:

How to take part in Shell's loyalty program

Everyone can take part in Shell CLUBSMART loyalty program. To become a Shell ClubSmart member, get a card at the nearest petrol station. Then create an account on Shell website and you will immediately receive 50 incentive points.
Next, scan your card when buying fuel at a petrol station or some of Shell products in the store. Each point brings you one step closer to your branded gifts.
1. Get and register your card
2. Accumulate points by refueling and shopping at Shell gas stations.
3. Exchange your points for gifts you like! It's easy: Points = prizes!

How do I collect points on Shell ClubSmart?

Customer can get points for every liter of fuel. The quantity of credited bonus points depends on the type of fuel and on which day of the week you visited the petrol station. Logically, the higher the quality of your petrol, the more points you will earn. The table of points calculation is presented on the official website.
Customer can also earn bonuses for shopping in the store and cafe Shell.
You can find the general table of Shell products and points compliance on the official website. Please note that the offer is not valid at all Shell gas stations.

What can you spend points on a Shell ClubSmart card?

Accumulated points can be exchanged for the purchase of fuel or goods in one of the chain stores, as well as for valuable gifts from the Shell ClubSmart catalogue. The full list of branded gifts can be found on the main page of the club website.
You can choose and order the prize in your personal cabinet. To get the gift you like, you need to pick it up at the nearest Shell station where you ordered the delivery.
Also, you can always exchange points directly at Shell stations for a gift from the exclusive collection by contacting the cashier and showing a card with the required amount of points.

Options: Shell credit card. Shell credit cards offer rewards for purchases at Shell and other benefits when shopping with a card. Regions: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, United States


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