Starbucks Odyssey: A new loyalty program from Starbucks

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In the spring of 2023, Starbucks introduced a new loyalty platform based on Web3 technology: Starbucks Odyssey. The loyalty program includes the ability to work with NFT. The goal of the new platform is to turn Starbucks' customer base into an active Web3 community.


From the beginning, Starbucks' mission has been to inspire and nurture the human spirit through cutting-edge ideas and a universal love of coffee. It is known that Starbucks has always been quick to catch up with technological trends: the company launched Wi-Fi in its coffee shops before its competitors, made delivery possible through a mobile app, and began using mobile wallets even before the widespread use of Apple Pay.

Today, Starbucks sees its future in the growing cryptocurrency community.  That's why the new Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program has a very special character, where technology, games, ideas and economics are closely connected to each other and embody the cutting-edge idea of the cryptocurrency universe.

The official web page is

How does Starbucks Odyssey work?

The previous Starbucks Rewards loyalty scheme used gaming mechanics with the ability to exchange reward points for very real prizes. In Starbucks Odyssey, customers will be immersed in a universe where they will go on "journeys," take surveys, participate in games and quests, and be rewarded with digital collectibles.

Starbucks Odyssey is a new experience that will offer Starbucks Rewards members the opportunity to earn and purchase NFTs that unlock new benefits.

Starbucks Odyssey offers collectible NFTs with ownership identified on the Polygon blockchain.


Starbucks Rewards participants can join a waiting list to receive an invitation to participate in Odyssey.

Upon receiving the invitation, participants will use their Starbucks Rewards login to enter Odyssey and begin participating in "Journeys," a series of activities such as interactive games or challenges that deepen their knowledge of coffee and Starbucks. Participants will be rewarded with a "travel stamp" (NFT) for completing the Journeys. Participants will also soon be able to purchase "limited edition stamps" (NFTs) through a built-in marketplace in the Starbucks Odyssey web app.


Each digital collectible stamp will contain a value in points, and stamps can be bought or sold between participants in the marketplace, and ownership will be secured on the blockchain.

As stamps accumulate, participants' points will increase, opening up access to new levels of rewards. The rewards themselves will also be unusual (e.g., a virtual martini espresso lesson or an invitation to a Starbucks roasting plant).

Starbucks Odyssey app

A set of limited edition NFTs can be bought and sold through the Starbucks Odyssey app.

The main advantage is buying NFTs even without having a cryptocurrency wallet. This makes it much easier for consumers to interact with Web3 by lowering the entry barrier. 

How to join

Starbucks customers and partners (employees) can join the waitlist at


Types of Starbucks Odyssey drops on the Nifty Gateway Marketplace

Open Editions

Open Edition NFTs are set at a fixed price (e.g., $100) and will be available for purchase for a certain time (e.g., 5 minutes) after the start of the drop period. The number of purchases will equal the number of issues purchased, which will determine the number of NFTs minted and distributed to collectors. Delivery of open issue NFTs may not be instant, as popular collections may be minted on the chain for several hours, after which they will appear in your account.


Drawings have been designed to level the playing field for all collectors. Draws will have a certain number of issues available (e.g. 10), and they will be available for a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes). As soon as the draw period starts, collectors who meet the specified requirements will be able to participate.


During auctions, one piece of art will be available for a certain period of time.  Collectors will have the opportunity to bid publicly, competing against each other for that piece. At the end of the auction, the collector with the highest bid will win. Note that when there is less than 5 minutes left in the auction, all new successful bids will reset the auction timer by 5 minutes.


A pack consists of a certain number of NFTs, edition size, each pack consists of a mix of unique NFTs - the amount of each of these unique NFTs varies. When you participate in a bundle drawing, your chances of winning each unique NFT are different.



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