The Return of Free Coffee for MyWaitrose Loyalty Card Holders

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In an exciting development for coffee lovers and loyal shoppers, Waitrose is bringing back its popular free coffee offer for MyWaitrose loyalty card holders. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the cherished perk is making a comeback, allowing customers to enjoy a daily hot beverage on the house.


What is the MyWaitrose Card?

The MyWaitrose loyalty programme is designed to reward customers in various ways, without the need to accumulate points. Instead, it offers immediate benefits such as complimentary items, cost savings on your shopping, and the chance to win exclusive prizes. It's Waitrose's way of expressing gratitude to its customers and gaining insight into their preferences to enhance their shopping experience.

Free Coffee for MyWaitrose Members

Starting on November 7th, all MyWaitrose loyalty cardholders will be eligible to redeem one free hot drink each day, which includes a selection of different coffees and tea. This offer is available after making a purchase at any of the 331 core Waitrose stores, and there is no minimum spending requirement. To claim your free drink, simply swipe or scan your MyWaitrose card at the self-service drinks machine following your checkout.

The coffee beans for this delightful perk will be supplied by Caffè Nero's Nero Roasting Company, a subsidiary of the renowned coffee chain. This partnership ensures that customers can enjoy high-quality coffee both in-store and at home, with even more benefits on the horizon.

Waitrose's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Originally introduced in 2013, the free hot drink offer was a cornerstone of the MyWaitrose programme. When Waitrose initially decided not to include it in the revamped loyalty scheme earlier this year, many loyal customers voiced their disappointment on social media and through customer service channels. This move highlights Waitrose's commitment to retaining its middle- and upper-class customer base during challenging economic times.

In addition to the free coffee offer, Waitrose is expanding its collaboration with Caffè Nero by stocking a range of 'coffee at home' retail products, including capsules, ground coffee, and whole bean coffee. Exclusive discounts of 20% off Caffè Nero's coffee at home products will be available for MyWaitrose members from November 7th to November 30th, both in-store and online.

Further benefits for customers, redeemable at both Caffè Nero and Waitrose stores, will be announced in the future, including perks for Caffè Nero App users. This partnership represents a mutual commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent service to customers.

Exclusions and Pricing

It's important to note that the free coffee offer is not available at Shell Garages or Welcome Break branches. Non-MyWaitrose members can also enjoy the hot drinks, with prices starting at £2.25 for tea and £2.35 for coffee.

In conclusion, the return of free coffee for MyWaitrose loyalty card holders is a welcome and customer-focused initiative. This move, in partnership with Caffè Nero, not only brings joy to coffee enthusiasts but also offers additional benefits for loyal shoppers. As Waitrose continues to explore innovative ways to keep its customers satisfied, this development is a testament to the brand's commitment to its valued patrons. Enjoy your free cup of coffee with MyWaitrose!

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