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Type of Loyalty program: TV, mobile, streaming

Type of purchasing: online

Used by: Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC.


Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes. Rewards offered under the Program can be quite diverse and may include access to exclusive events, limited-time offers, sweepstakes opportunities, product discounts, and other benefits that Xfinity may establish and offer from time to time.

Type of medium: account

Rewards schemes: rewards. The availability of Rewards for a particular member is contingent on their Tier level, and Rewards are only available while supplies last. Xfinity reserves the right to modify the Rewards at any time.

Rewards offered through the Xfinity Rewards Program can be divided into several categories:

Surprise and Delight Rewards.

These Rewards are exclusively available to members as of a certain date, and are offered without prior notification. Surprise and Delight Rewards can include access to ticket opportunities for various events, such as music, shows, entertainment, and sporting events located throughout the United States. Tickets may also include special access to experiences. Each Surprise and Delight Reward will have its own specific terms that apply.

Offers and Discounts.

Rewards may also include access to limited-time offers and discounts for Xfinity products and services, as well as offers and/or discounts from third-party partners. Each offer or discount will have its own specific terms and conditions that apply.


Rewards may provide the chance to enter into random drawing sweepstakes ("Sweepstakes"). Each Sweepstakes will have its own official rules and will have its own start date, end date, prize(s), and entry conditions.

Additional perks:  

Home Security and Home Phone Services.

Comcast offers a home security and home automation service called Xfinity Home in select areas. The service features a burglar and fire alarm system, surveillance cameras, as well as wireless motion sensors that are placed on doorways and windows. These sensors can detect if any of the said entry points were opened and can also determine if someone is inside the house when it's unoccupied.

Type of membership: Xfinity Rewards is free. Eligible customers can use the Xfinity app or visit Xfinity Rewards and click Join Now to join the program.

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points:  no points. Xfinity Rewards will provide customers with a variety of special benefits, exclusive experiences, and product perks. This includes access to a $1 movie night, digital discount codes for various websites such as the NBC Store or, tickets to local sporting events, and much more.


Xfinity's Program offers its members four different levels of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The rewards and benefits available for each level are based on the length of time a member's account remains active and in good standing, as determined by Xfinity in its sole discretion.


What are the years for Xfinity Rewards tiers?

The years for Xfinity Rewards tiers: 0-2 years gets you Silver, 2-7 years gets you Gold, 7-14 years is Platinum, and 14+ years as a Comcast customer is labeled at Platinum status.

As a member's tenure increases, they have the opportunity to advance through the tiers and unlock more rewards. The initial tenure of a member is determined by the date they established their current account with Xfinity.

It's important to note that if a member's eligible Xfinity services are discontinued for any reason, they will not be able to receive rewards. However, if they reinstate an eligible service using the same Xfinity credentials used to enroll in the Program within 90 days of ending their services, their tenure status at the time of ending their services will be reinstated. If a member doesn't reinstate an eligible service within the 90-day period, they will be removed from the Program, and rewards cannot be redeemed once they cease to be a member.

Each tier offers specific benefits and unlocks additional rewards for members to enjoy within the Program. The tier thresholds are determined solely by Xfinity and are subject to change.

Apps:  Xfinity App.  


Country: United States

Language: Multilanguage. English


What is Xfinity Rewards?

Terms and Conditions

Xfinity Rewards is a program just for Xfinity customers. Eligible customers can use the Xfinity app or visit Xfinity Rewards to join the program. You must be at least 18 years old and be the primary user on a current Xfinity account in good standing.

You can redeem as many rewards as you’d like. Enjoy as many special perks and experiences you’d like just for being a customer.


How do I use my Xfinity Rewards?

As a member, you get access to a plethora of exclusive perks that are sure to enhance your entertainment experience. You'll be able to rent movies for just $1 and enjoy complimentary content that isn't available to non-members. Plus, you'll receive discounts when visiting Universal Parks & Resorts and be among the first to access the latest products and features from Comcast, such as the revolutionary xFi Advanced Gateway that boasts Supersonic WiFi speeds.

Furthermore, members of this elite community can take advantage of Xfinity Mobile benefits and savings that aren't available to the general public. You can even redeem your rewards for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including exclusive Live Stream events, an opportunity to meet Olympic gold-medalist Nathan Chen, a trip to the Latin American Music Awards in Las Vegas, or tickets to be part of the live audience at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in New York City.


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