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Residents of the UK and Northern Ireland consume around 60,000 tonnes of KFC chicken meat every year. As a modern giant in the restaurant industry, KFC strives to improve the customer experience. To that end, KFC conducts customer satisfaction surveys. To draw attention to the data collection KFC offers a reward for completed survey in the form of a discount coupon.  Whenever you complete the YourKFC United Kingdom ( Survey, you can receive a 15% off coupon or a 20% discount voucher on your next purchase at KFC.

YourKFC Survey

KFC guest experience survey

KFC is one of the most famous restaurant brands in the world.  KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken ) is a subsidiary of the American restaurant company Yum! Brands, which owns the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains. KFC's menu is based on pressure-fried seasoned pieces of chicken on a bone. As a giant international chain of fast-food restaurants, KFC does not have a uniform loyalty program, targeting customers with gift coupons and seasonal promotions with reduced prices. But KFC is currently offering a rewards program for loyal customers - in a form of KFC survey.

To study the consumer experience, KFC conducts a survey. Do KFC products really deserve the tagline It's finger lickin' good? Customers can give their honest opinion. And even receive an award for completing YourKFC UK Feedback Survey.

Based on the insights gained, KFC can make improvements to the customer experience and provide a better shopping experience. Make a difference in your world!

The main thing about passing

The KFC restaurant chain has introduced the YourKFC Survey in the UK to improve customer service at

In order to take the survey at, you need to have a fresh visit receipt with an invitation to take the survey. The visit receipt looks like this:

receipt KFC code


The visit receipt is valid for 3 days after purchase. Only one free coupon code per visit to a KFC restaurant can be received on the receipt.

The advantage of KFC surveys is that there is no limit to the number of times you can take the survey. You just need to have a valid invitation to take the survey.  If you visit KFC often, you should not miss out on the opportunity to take the survey many times and get a discount coupon.

The coupon is valid for 14 days.

How to take survey?

Interested customers can share their experiences of visiting KFC online. The survey takes very little time - no more than 5 minutes on average. At the end of the KFC UK survey, each participant is offered KFC vouchers with a 20% discount.
Important: survey participants must only be UK citizens over 18 years of age.

YourKFC UK survey webpage:

Note that the Mykfcexperience survey webpage in the US is different:

Read the survey guide below and follow the instructions to receive your free KFC voucher now.

Rules for the KFC UK Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • You must have a KFC survey code or a recent receipt from the KFC.
  • Chet is valid for 3 days
  • You must complete an online survey at to receive a free verification code.
  • One visit receipt entitles you to only one survey and one validation code,
  • Only one prize can be won every 14 days

YourKFC Survey UK's full Terms and Conditions

When you receive your discount code, write down the verification code on your valid receipt to use on your next visit to KFC. You must redeem your KFC 20% discount voucher within 14 days of issuance. Otherwise, the code may expire.

The voucher discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

How to start survey YourKFC online?

Open the YourKFC UK survey web page at

Have your receipt ready and enter your KFC shop code and required details from your receipt into the appropriate form on the website.

KFC code receipt


Choose your order type from the list of options and tell us how you made your order.



Write an honest review of your last visit to KFC. The review does not have to be positive.  KFC is interested in collecting real information from real customers. Rate your satisfaction by selecting one of the five options provided. You will be asked to rate specific elements of the restaurant, such as service, food and space.

Talk about any problems you encountered during your visit.

Assess the likelihood that you will return again. form


When you've answered all the questions, include your full name and email address.

Submit the survey. You will eventually receive a free KFC verification code to use a 20% discount. If you are interested in receiving notifications from KFC, provide your email address.

How to redeem my KFC 15% off code receipt?

Discounts on your next purchase at KFC may vary. The amount of the future discount is shown on your receipt. But regardless of the size of the discount, receiving your reward will be the same. To receive your confirmation code, make your purchase, keep your receipt from your KFC purchase and complete the online survey within 3 days of purchase. To redeem the discount, print or write down the code you receive on your original KFC receipt and show it to the staff at the KFC restaurant.

KFC Contact Details

Contact Page: 

Phone Number UK: 0345 753 2532

Phone Number Republic Of Ireland: (+44) 0345 753 2532

KFC guest experience


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