How to get a Tesco Clubcard?

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Tesco Clubcard is a part of free Tesco’s loyalty program with reduced prices.  Clubcard allows you to save money and receive vouchers when purchasing Tesco products.

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Getting and spending of points

The loyalty program from Tesco will be beneficial for all regular customers.
For each £1 spent in Tesco, the customer will get 1 point.
When customer spend points in store, 100 points = £1. 
It means that 1 point = 1 penny. That is, if you have accumulated 1000 points, you can get £10 of discount.
Signing up for a Tesco Clubcard is completely free, so it’s worth to do.

Note! Tesco offers its customers a wide range of opportunities under its loyalty program. The Tesco Bank credit card holders get additional advantages: 1 additional point is credited to their account for every £4 spent in the Tesco store or on the Internet. Besides, the Tesco Bank card itself is considered a Club card, so there is no need to swipe both at the till.   

Tesco Clubcard Benefits:

  • collect points
  • get vouchers and boost them up to four times
  • Tesco's Clubcard Prices promo
  • Christmas Saver scheme


Note! Clubcard vouchers are usually valid for two years (or 21 months if they're issued as Faster Vouchers). Some Clubcard vouchers' expiry dates are six months. However, if your vouchers were set to expire in May 2020, you'll now have until 30 November 2020 to redeem them, due to the coronavirus situation.

Only registered members of the loyalty program can take all advantage of the benefits. But everyone can easy get a Tesco club card. Below we will tell how to get and register a card in a store or on the website online. 

Why register?

Registering for My Clubcard Account lets you manage your Clubcard online at your convenience in My Clubcard Account.


  • check the points you've collected
  • update your details anytime of the day.
  • check the vouchers and print off any that you haven't used.
  • Get info about Christmas Saver scheme and so on.


How to register Tesco Clubcard?

Tesco Clubcard is done in two stages. The first stage is a temporary card, the second is the permanent card.  

1. Temporary card

You can order a temporary card from the any Tesco store. Visit any Tesco's and ask for a Clubcard at the customer service desk. This is usually located near one of the entrances. After filling out the form, you should receive the card by mail in a couple days.
You also can apply a temporary card through the app. It’s quick and easy to register to access your Clubcard account online.

You can apply a temporary card from the web-page. Open and chose “sign in” link:


Next chose “register for an account” link:


Tesco clubcard application form - how to fill in

The application form for Tesco clubcard contains several fields where you need to enter your personal data. Please make sure you fill it in correctly. The phone number must be valid, also in the required format.
If previously the registration form had to be filled in manually in one of the Tesco stores, it is now convenient to get the Tesco clubcard application form online. If you already have an old Tesco card - still fill out the form and get an online card.
Here is what it looks like. All fields are required for filling.

Complete registration page:


Once you've filled in your details, you'll be ready to shop online and collect money-saving Clubcard points.

Note! You may need to fill out further forms in order to receive a permanent one. Points earned on your temporary card will be transferred to the permanent card.
Note! If your address details is not correct you may not have received vouchers.

2. Tesco Clubcard (Permanent card)

Usually Tesco Clubcard takes 7-10 days to arrive to your address, but in some cases it will be longer (up to 20 days). In the meantime, you can still access your account or use the Clubcard app with your Clubcard number, which you'll find on your registration confirmation email.


Log in My Clubcard Account

To login, please go to My Clubcard Account login page, click here



I can’t log into My Clubcard Account

If you have forgotten your password, please go to My Clubcard Account login page, click ’Forgotten your password’ and follow the instructions. You will get email with password.
If you have logged in but are viewing a customer verification screen, it is needed to verify that this is your account before providing you with access. Please enter your Clubcard number that is registered in your name, check name details are correct and postal address.  

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