Starbucks Loyalty program

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Type of Loyalty program: food

Type of purchasing: offline, online

Used by: Starbucks Corporation. It is an American coffee company and worldwide coffee chain of the same name. It was founded in Seattle in 1971.


Model of Loyalty program: rewards schemes. Starbucks has a bonus loyalty program, which was created as a sign of gratitude and further encouragement of regular customers for their purchases. Not all Starbucks stores have the ability to award Stars or redeem Stars for Rewards at this time. To find the location nearest you that participates in Starbucks Rewards, visit the Starbucks Store Locator at and search for locations honoring "Digital Rewards".

Type of medium: card

Rewards schemes: rewards. Starbucks Rewards members are able to earn and accumulate "Stars" that can be redeemed for Starbucks Rewards benefits at participating Starbucks stores and are eligible to receive certain additional benefits.


Additional perks: Exclusive offers, personalized for Starbucks Rewards members. Selected merchandise.

Type of membership: prepaid. To become a Starbucks Member you have to create account, add some money, buy some Starbucks’ products.

Type of card: Membership card.

Program validity period: unlimited

Rewards points: Bonus Stars. The bonus program is based on earning and accumulating rewards points – "Stars", with a certain number of "Stars" accumulated, they can be used as a bonus for subsequent purchases.

Tiers: Green and Gold.

The green level suggests the following possibilities:

  • when accumulating 12 stars, choose any drink for free;
  • access to special offers, which will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated at registration or by e-mail.

The golden level offers the following possibilities:

  • a new design card in gold;
  • when accumulating 12 new stars, you can choose any beverage;
  • opportunity to get any drink in honor of your birthday;
  • promotional offers of the golden level.

Mobile version: yes

Apps: Customer can use app to order ahead and pay.


Country (region): On July 7, 2016 Starbucks is present in 75 countries.

Language: Multilanguage.English, German, French, Italian.


Description of Loyalty program:

Starbucks Loyalty Program

To participate in the bonus program, you must get a card. There are two options for cards: physical and virtual, you can view the accumulated bonuses using the mobile application. After receiving a card, you can join the bonus program, there are two ways to do it:

  • Go to, then register your account and add one of the available cards (physical or virtual).

  • Download and install the Starbucks mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, and also register your account by adding your card.

Among the features of the card, it is possible to note reliable protection of the balance, as well as in case of loss of simplicity of recovery. The card has a recognizable, festive design, so it is an excellent gift.
The card is convenient to use and track all transactions and bonus history using the mobile application.

Media representation:

How to register Starbucks Card?

To get privileges and bonuses under the program, you need to register an account on the official website or to register in the mobile application.

In order to register an account online using the site, it is necessary:

  • go to the official website of;
  • enter the number of your mobile operator (in the future he will serve as a login);
  • enter the phone confirmation code received in the SMS.

Then you will have to fill in the necessary information (name, surname, e-mail) and after that the account will be registered.

To register an account using the mobile application, you need to do the same, but already directly in the application itself, having previously downloaded it and installed on your device.

Starbucks card levels and features

How actively the participants of the bonus program will use the card when buying coffee and other drinks will depend on the number of bonuses accrued. Accrual of bonuses is in the form of assigning stars, and works according to the scheme: one purchase - one star. According to the increase in the number of stars, the card status increases.

The bonus system has two levels: green and gold, which are determined from the sum of accumulated bonuses in the account of stars. At initial registration and card acquisition, the green level is immediately assigned.

At the moment when one of the levels accumulates a certain amount of stars, bonus privileges that correspond to this level become available.

The existing level must be maintained and in order to maintain the green level, you must receive at least one star during the year from the day of registration, in case of failure to do so, the green level will be canceled.

In order to move from green to gold, you will need to collect at least 30 stars. To maintain the gold level, you will need to collect a minimum of 30 stars during the year from the date of transition from green level. If it is not possible to accumulate 30 new stars during this period, the green level will be rolled back and the existing stars will be cancelled.


  • Credit or Prepaid Starbucks card. Customers can order aт issue of specialized Credit or Prepaid Starbucks card (Rewards Visa, Card & Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card). Using these cards cardholders can collect Stars that won't expire, and receive an exclusive benefits. Prepaid Starbucks card allows you to load a dollar value onto your Card for use at participating Starbucks stores.
  • Starbucks eGift Card. The Starbucks eGift Card (eGift) program allows customer to purchase and send a virtual Starbucks Card via email, or via certain social media and messaging platforms. The client can choose the appearance of the card and the amount of prepayment. Gift card allows to earn Stars when you pay and order ahead. Gift cards are made and delivered quickly. Customer eGift service:, email:, phone 1-800-782-7282.



  • Customer service
  • phone 1-800-STARBUC.
  • FAQ
  • Starbucks Card Terms & Conditions

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  1. Why shoul I pay $49 fee a year afterwards? How can I cancel the card after the first year of use?

  2. (Author)

    These are the rules for using the company’s remuneration. You can cancel participation in the program at any time – just write to the support service.

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